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Lightweight Composite Hydraulics Technology

Tape Bobbins

Parker’s Lightraulics® composites technology dramatically cuts the weight of high performance hydraulic components. Our lightweight composite cylinders use special carbon fibre rovings and epoxy resins as the matrix, enabling us to customise the material properties through different combinations of fibres and matrix material.
Material properties can be adjusted to achieve a load-optimized structure which reflects the differing forces encountered locally within a component while also meeting the specific demands of the application.

Unique construction
In conventional composite hydraulic cylinder designs, a metal liner carries the axial and hoop loads, and functions as a diffusion barrier. The composite outer layer is simply a supportive overwrap, with the main loads carried by the metal liner. Parker has developed a unique weight-saving composite inner liner which makes metal liners obsolete.

1  Tube-cap joint
Parker’s patented design creates a permanent, durable connection between the composite cylinder barrel or tube and the aluminium head and cap ends. The structural integrity of this connection has been proven at pressures in excess of 1500 bar.

2  Composite outer barrel
Unique lightweight design carries the axial loads usually borne by steel barrels, metal liners or tie rods.

3  Spherical bearings
Standard cylinders feature spherical bearings with an optimized degree of freedom at both mounting points, permitting a smooth distribution of forces. Custom mounting styles are available on request.

4  Lightweight rod gland and seals
The cartridge-type rod gland is threaded into the cylinder head, permitting quick, easy servicing of the hydraulic cylinder rod seals, cutting downtime and ensuring high productivity. Both gland and head are machined from high grade aluminium alloy and surface treated to resist corrosion, to deliver high performance under hostile conditions.

5  Composite inner liner
The integrated lightweight plastic layer acts as a diffusion barrier and carries the hoop loads. The high surface finish significantly reduces seal wear, ensuring a long and productive service life.

6  Lightweight piston and rod
The low inertia aluminium piston permits rapid cycle times. Wide bearing rings provide stability and resist wear, ensuring long life and high productivity. Larger diameter piston rods are centre drilled to minimise reciprocating mass.

7  Lightweight hydraulic cylinder cap
The one-piece cylinder cap and eye are machined from high grade aluminium alloy for superior fatigue performance under high working loads. All aluminium parts are surface treated to resist corrosion, even in aggressive environments.



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