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Non-Weld Piping Solutions

Non-weld piping

Non-welded pipe technology is an asset in high and low pressure applications where engineers need to transfer hydraulic oil, chemicals, water or other fluids safely and cost-effectively.

Parker offers a range of non-weld options as an alternative to pipe welding for engineering projects. Products available span from small bore weld-free connections, high performance ISO flange interfaces and flared non-welded pipe connections, through to complete piping solutions, on-site services, asset management and installation.

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Advantages of non-weld piping technology

Using weld-free pipe can generate numerous benefits for design project engineers and specifiers. Examples include:

- Speed – non-welded pipe can be pre-fabricated off site to drawing specifications and delivered exactly when needed ready for a quick installation. This removes the time-consuming process of on-site pipe preparation, welding and associated installation processes

- Cleanliness – welding adds additional contamination to the installation process. With the Parker F37 solution, flushing times are significantly reduced

- Approvals – particularly in oil and gas and marine applications where hot works are needed, you won’t need permits to conduct welding or x-rays on-site since these are removed from the process

- Labour costs – pipe welding solutions involves cutting, bevelling, welding, grinding, cleaning, x-raying, coating and installing; but with non-welded pipe solutions, you typically only require cutting, forming and installation

- Long-term maintenance – where welds are used, ongoing inspection and coating is required, especially in corrosive environments such as marine or oil and gas applications.

Weld-free technology: markets and applications

Non-welded pipe technology is ideally suited to the offshore, industrial and marine markets. Typical applications span:

- Non-weld piping for offshore engineering, including winches, cranes and hydraulic ring mains

- Industrial non weld pipe - such as hydraulic presses, die casting machines, injection moulding, test benches, heavy machinery, retrofitting, lifting equipment, paper mills and wind power generation

- Marine weld free piping systems – for ship building, plus any applications where large flow rates and high pressure demands are required.

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If you’re wondering if non weld technology may be an option for your next design project, please contact our UK Technical Sales Team on +44(0)1926 317 878 for prompt, professional and friendly advice. If helpful, we can review your specification with you and work out if weld-free pipe is practical for your specific project.

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