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Compact Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Technology

Compact EHA section
  • Unique Design

The unique design of Parker’s Compact EHA electro-hydraulic linear actuator integrates all components into a compact and tough monobloc housing. Inside, a high performance, double-acting hydraulic actuator, driven via a reversible gear pump, is powered by an integrated 12 volt or 24 volt DC electric motor. The pump is enclosed within the hydraulic fluid reservoir, with pressure relief and check valves also being incorporated within the system assembly.

Trunnion pin mounting holes are set within the base of the housing and at the end of the piston rod for ease of installation; all that is required are mounting pins and a power source.

  • Tough and Reliable

Each piston rod is manufactured from stainless steel, with a micro-finished cylinder bore featuring buna-nitrile and polyurethane sealing elements, preventing leakage and the ingress of contaminants.

The monobloc housing is produced from anodised aluminium, providing a relatively lightweight, tough and corrosion resistant unit that is sealed to IP65 and IP67 standards.

Compact EHA is supplied by Parker fully tested, flushed and filled with fluid ready for operation. It is fully sealed and requires no subsequent maintenance.


  • High Performance

The design and construction of Parker's Compact EHA electro-hydraulic linear actuator enables it to produce exceptionally high levels of force, up to 21.35 kN, and operating speeds of up to 84 mm/sec, depending on load conditions.

By comparison with conventional ballscrew or linear motion systems, the Compact EHA electric cylinder is free from problems of backlash and does not require any form of gearing, so is unaffected by wear and loss of positional accuracy. It is designed for intermittent use, with duty cycles of up to 70% depending on application.

The new actuator is suitable for use in any orientation, can be used at operating temperatures of between -34ºC and +65ºC, and generates less than 70dB of noise.

Compact EHA is available with a range of options for motor, pump, bore and stroke length, making the new system an ideal choice for machine builders looking for a simple and efficient method of providing fast, high power linear motion.