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Small Bore Tube Connections

Small bore tube connections

Parker’s small bore Phastite tubing system provides non-welded permanent piping to achieve fast, easy leak-free connections.

In throughput terms, a Phastite connection can be made in minutes, compared to an hour or more for 1" to 2" heavy schedule pipe. That makes the system highly effective for piping fabrication where hydraulic oil, water, water-glycol, lubrication and other media need transferring.

How the Phastite non-weld tubing system works

Phastite fittings are axially engaged to tube work – with the radial sealing teeth creating a progressive and permanent lock to the tube. The axial load’s high radial force delivers precise tube compression and once the collar is fully locked, it will not disengage.

Phastite meets or exceeds typical ISO performance requirements for mechanically attached fittings and has passed SCC, Splash Zone and HISC durability tests. The system is designed to resist the vibration, pressure cycling and external loading that typically feature in high-pressure hydraulic applications. Plus, its metal-to-metal sealing expands the chemical and temperature operating ranges available from other weld-free alternatives.

Phastite can withstand pressures of up to 10,000 psi/700 bar, and it’s designed to perform at subsea depths of 15,000 feet.

DNV validated design

Parker worked in partnership with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to validate the design and development of its Phastite product. This included the following tests:

- Hydrostatic leak and burst to ASTM F1387

- Vibration to ASTM F1387/MIL-STD-167

- Torsion to ASTM F1387

- Hydrogen induced stress cracking

- Stress corrosion cracking to ASTM F1387 (modified)

- Corrosion testing (general and crevice) to ASTM G44 (modified).

Small bore weld-free pipe enquiry? Enquire now

Parker also offers a range of lager bore non-weld options as an alternative to pipe welding for engineering projects. Apart from small bore weld-free connections, the range includes high performance ISO flange interfaces and flared non-welded pipe connections, through to complete piping solutions, on-site services, asset management and installation.

To find out if weld-free technology may suit your next engineering design project, please contact Parker's UK Technical Sales Team on +44(0)1926 317 878 for support.

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