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Parker IQAN master controller

The Parker IQAN control system is an electronic approach to control and monitor hydraulics in mobile machines. With IQAN, manufacturers can design customized software, efficiently program and optimize functions, and save on machine development time and cost. An IQAN machine control system will not only offer shorter development time for a machine manufacturer, but ensure maximum functionality once the machine enters the market.

See how the Electronic Controls Division can support hydraulics in the mobile machine market.

Read more about the IQAN system.

Parker's IQAN-MC4x is a family of master controllers. The three sizes include:

• MC41 for cost-efficient, task-oriented control

• MC42 mid-size applications and I/O distribution

• MC43 large space-saving centralized control

Read more about the new IQAN-MC4x family.

• A range of high performance controllers for real-time control.

• Capable of running applications that fulfill functional safety demands, SIL2/PLd.

• Machine control with emphasis on hydraulic control performance.

• Small dimension enclosure results in an ultra small footprint for installation in any location.

 From entry-level, task-oriented control to High I/O configuration for centralized control systems.

• Fast development of machine functionality with resource-efficient IQAN software tools.

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