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Where Can I Use Compact EHA?
Anywhere where high force is required, where space is limited or where a stand-alone system offers the best solution. Scroll down to see examples of where the Compact EHA electro-hydraulic linear actuator has delivered robust, reliable solutions to challenging actuation applications.

Turf Care/Lawn & Garden
• Deck lifts
• Mower blade lifts
• Golf course sprayer/sweeper

• Jack plates
• Hatches
• Yacht transom actuators

Material Handling
• Pallet lifts
• Lift tables
• Scissors tables
• Light aircraft tug

Truck & All Terrain/Utility Vehicle
• Tailgate locks
• Utility vehicle attachments
• Cart/trailer bed lifts

• Door opening
• Hatch lifting
• Cab lifts
• Armoured vehicle attachments

• Attachment locks
• Skid steer bucket levelling
• Plough/blade positioning

Renewable Energy
• Solar panel positioning
• Wind turbine rotor locks

• Chute positioners
• Sprayer arm lifts

Medical/patient handling
• Stretchers & beds
• Ambulance cots
• Wheelchair access ramps
• Kneeling handicap vans