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SensoNODE Bluetooth-Powered Wireless Sensors

Parker SensoNODE Wireless Sensors for Accumulators

Protect Your System From Costly Downtime.

Pre-charge pressure loss can cause damage that negatively impacts your production and, ultimately, your bottom line. Parker SensoNODETM industrial wireless sensors for Accumulators features Bluetooth® sensors specifically designed to provide simple solutions for measuring gas pre-charge on bladder and piston style accumulators. Compact, energy efficient and wireless, these sensors enable hands-off pre-charge pressure and temperature measurement to prevent downtime. Parker also keeps application engineers and technical support staff on hand to make sure you get it right.

Product Features:

  • Pressure-relieving thread that improves safety by slowly releasing trapped gas pressure upon disassembly (sensor and forged adapters)
  • Easy Bluetooth connection
  • Customized module within SCOUTTM mobile app software for accumulators
  • Consistent, accurate pressure and temperature readings
  • Connected mode for data collection and analysis
  • Broadcast mode for access to any user within range
  • No external power supply needed
  • LED indicator for sensor status
  • Uniquely identifiable sensors for association with assets/processes
  • Optional EMA3 Connect Under Pressure version
  • Battery life of beyond one year depending on scan/transmission rates

Experience Superior Productivity and Ease of Use.

SensoNODE Blue for Accumulators is a flexible sensor solution with two options available to meet your requirements. Both designs include an adapter and a poppet-style charge valve for quick, easy installation on any -5 SAE O-ring boss gas side ported accumulator. The SCOUT mobile software app can be downloaded for free on any smart device. All to put reliable pre-charge pressure calculation and condition monitoring at your fingertips. 

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