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Compact Fluid Power - When Space is Critical

Stretcher with Compact EHA
  • Small Footprint, High Power

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder  Exceptional power density distinguishes Parker’s Compact EHA electro-hydraulic actuator from other linear actuation solutions. The powerful hydraulic cylinder, which can be powered in both directions, delivers up to 21.35kN of force – and can achieve speeds of up to 84mm per second. The precision-machined stainless steel piston rod and micro-finished cylinder bore are sealed with buna-nitrile and polyurethane sealing elements, keeping the hydraulic fluid in and external contaminants out – ensuring smooth control and long service life.

  • One-Piece Housing

Compact EHA features a tough, lightweight monobloc housing with integrated base mounting, manufactured from cast aluminium and anodised for durability. The absence of jointing faces minimises potential leakage points, making Compact EHA the ideal choice in environments where cleanliness is critical.  Innovative design results in a hydraulic linear actuator with an exceptionally small footprint, so integrating Compact EHA into new products, or retro-fitting into existing designs, could not be easier.

  • Integrated Design with Internal Reservoir

Long working life depends on clean hydraulic fluid. All Parker Compact EHAs are flushed, filled and sealed under controlled conditions during manufacture, to ensure that no contaminants enter the hydraulic system. The fluid is contained in an internal reservoir cast into the monobloc housing.

  • Rugged DC Motor

A choice of 12 volt or 24 volt DC electric motors, each available in two power ratings, makes it easy to match your power supply and deliver the force your application demands. All versions are supplied with 1.5m long leads fitted with standard ring terminals, to simplify and speed up connection.

  • Reversible Gear Pump

Compact EHA's electric motor is mated to a robust gear pump, enclosed within the fluid reservoir. The fully sealed hydraulic system ensures that the pump operates under ideal conditions, guaranteeing a long, maintenance-free service life. Four different pump capacities allow Compact EHA to be tailored to the precise load and speed demands of your application.

  • Simple Pivot Pin Mountings

Installing Compact EHA could not be quicker – or easier. The holes in both the base and piston rod are machined to accept standard pivot pin sizes which, for ease of mounting, are the same diameter at both ends. Installation involves securing both ends of the unit with steel pins, and then connecting the flying leads to your power supply. In minutes, your Compact EHA is ready for service.

  • Custom Mountings 

Custom mountings are available to special order. The piston rod end can be machined or threaded to your specification while, at the base end, different pin sizes and angles, a female flange or a threaded stud are among the options available.

  • Control Valves

To protect Compact EHA against overload, and to allow loads to be held safely in position, all Parker Compact EHAs feature built-in pressure relief and check valves. These features ensure the safety of the equipment – and of those operating it.

Where required, the option of a manual release is available, permitting rapid retraction of the actuator in emergency situations.