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Fluid Power Engineering Solutions

Neumayer Antarctic Station
  • L&S Actuation Solutions

Parker L&S Actuation Solutions operation is based at Stuhr near Bremen in northern Germany. Specialising in innovative engineering and fluid power systems, Actuation Solutions has built an enviable reputation in the waterways hydraulics and offshore sector, designing and commissioning hydraulic systems and services for sea locks. For the recently-completed Kaiserschleuse complex at Bremerhaven, L&S Actuation Solutions designed, produced and installed complete hydraulic systems and oversaw the commissioning of a lock chamber measuring 305 x 55 metres, employing multiple hydraulic power units and large hydraulic cylinders with a stroke in excess of six metres. 

  • Wide-ranging Expertise

Demonstrating the versatility of our engineering team, other high-profile challenges have included motion and control systems for the supporting struts of the Neumayer III Antarctic research station, an innovative catapult system for a drop-testing tower, adaptive aeronautical structures and rail loading systems for the TGV.

Neumayer III image courtesy of Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

L&S Actuation Solutions’ expertise includes

  • hydraulic system design
  • submersible power units
  • industrial and mobile hydraulics
  • analytical calculations and FEA simulations for determining stress and deformation
  • computer-aided optimization and feasibility studies
  • prototype development
  • project management
  • consultation
  • training

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