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Oil Free Air System

Parker’s new Oil Free Air System (OFAS) is a compressed air system that is easy to install and maintain. Launched in 2017, OFAS is the first system of its kind to achieve high-quality, oil-free air using one piece of kit.

Third party validation

Parker’s Oil Free Air System is 100% validated by Lloyds Register to provide ISO 8673-1 Class 0 air. That means the highest quality air at point of use for critical applications. It’s suitable for instrumentation, electronics, robotics, plant automation and industrial compressed air treatment environments.

Filtration technology with an optimised drying system

OFAS combines Oil-X filtration technology with an optimised drying system. Key product features include:

* Energy saving technology - which automatically adapts dryer operation to ambient inlet conditions and compressed air demand.

* Simple servicing - with easy-replace desiccant cartridges that provide consistent drying, regeneration and dew point.

* Purge setting - purge air can be set at minimum operating pressure easily, without the need for specialist tools.

Historically, the Oil-X name is renowned for compressed air filtration quality and Parker relaunched the brand in 2017, with new and improved products.

Product enquiry? Contact Parker now

To find out more about Parker's oil free air system, please contact the UK Technical Sales Team on +44(0)1926 317878 or complete our product enquiry form.

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