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  • The Challenge of Real-World Conditions

The challenges presented by different applications mean that no single combination of material and finish can meet every varied demand. At Parker, we have the expertise in fluid power engineering to ensure that you get the right specification for the job. The result – long service life and maximum productivity from your hydraulic cylinders.

  • Paint

The standard paint finish for our hydraulic cylinders is a water-based black primer, suitable for over-painting to customer requirements. Special finishes can also be supplied to match OEM specifications or to resist particular environmental conditions, eg: epoxy paint finishes for marine applications. Please contact us to discuss specific requirements.

  • Rod Materials

Of all hydraulic cylinder components, the piston rod is the most vulnerable to damage.  Once damaged, reduced performance and leakage become inevitable, and eventual failure is likely.

To guard against rod damage, Parker offers several strategies:

• Hardened rod material is generally supplied as standard

• Rod protection is available by specifying rod end bellows or metallic rod wipers

• Special materials and coatings are available to suit demanding applications


  • Hardened Rod Material

Impact damage to the piston rod can cause dents and bruising which, in turn, result in contaminated hydraulic fluid, leakage and, potentially, rod breakage. To guard against impact damage and the consequent failure of hydraulic seals, Parker’s standard rod material for industrial applications is a high tensile, carbon alloy steel, induction case hardened, plated and polished to a 0.2μm finish.

  • Rod Protection

For use in environments where, for example, abrasive dust or molten metal spatter would cause premature failure of conventional gland seals, rod end bellows or metallic rod wipers can be specified. Rod end bellows protect exposed rod surfaces which are subjected to air hardening contaminants such as cement. Longer rod extensions are required to accommodate their closed length, which may affect the overall build length of the cylinder.

Metallic rod wipers are used to remove debris such as molten metal from the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder, in hostile environments such as steel mills. The metallic rod wiper replaces the standard elastomeric wiper seal with a metal scraper energised by an elastomeric element, which protects the rod gland and its multi-lipped pressure seal.

  • Special Materials and Coatings

Parker has developed an unmatched range of materials and coatings to suit different environments and industries, offering different combinations of hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance in fluid power applications. In a chemical industry application, for example, where corrosion resistance is critical, a cobalt piston rod coating combined with two-coat epoxy paint finish might be the preferred choice. In a high strength application such as plastic injection moulding, a 42CrMo4 piston rod might be the key requirement. For sub-sea use, a stainless steel piston rod and electro-plating of exposed surfaces is a popular choice. Whatever the challenge, Parker has the resources to deliver a durable and efficient hydraulics solution.

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