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使用该选项,您可查找到能够直接发货的分销商、销售公司、批发商和/或 Parker 的办事处的地点。 按类别选择一款产品(需要时可细化选择),会显示出最近的授权销售地点和联系信息。



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Accumulator and Cooler Division Electronic Controls Division Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division Pneumatic Division
Accumulator and Cooler Division - Europe Engine Mobile Aftermarket Division Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division Pneumatic Division - Europe
Aerospace Filtration Division Engine Mobile Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division Hydraulic Systems Division Polymer Hose Division Europe
Aftermarket AC and Refrigeration Engine Mobile Original Equipment Division Hydraulic Valve Division Praedifa Technology Division
Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division Engineered Polymer Systems Division Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division Precision Fluidics Division
Automation Division - China Fluid Control Division Industrial Process Filtration Division Pump & Motor Division
Bioscience and Water Filtration Division Fluid Control Division - Europe Industrial Systems Division Europe Pump & Motor Division Europe
Chelsea Products Division Fluid System Connectors Division Instrumentation Products Division Quick Coupling Division
Chomerics Division Fluid Systems Division Low Pressure Connectors Europe Division RAC Division - Europe
Composite Sealing Systems Division Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe Refrigerating Specialties Division
Control Systems Division Gas Turbine Filtration Division Motion Systems Division Korea Sealing Technologies Asia Division
Customer Support Operations - Aerospace Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division Sporlan Division
Cylinder Division HVAC Filtration Division Pan Am Division Stratoflex Products Division
Cylinder Division - Europe High Pressure Connectors Europe Division Parflex Division Tube Fittings Division
Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe Hose Products Division ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR® Veriflo Division
Electromechanical and Drives Division North America Hydraulic & Industrial Process Filtration Division EMEA ParkerStore™ Water Purification

使用该选项,您可查找到能够直接发货的分销商、销售公司、批发商和/或 Parker 的办事处的地点。 从列表中选择一个分部,会显示出最近的授权销售地点和联系信息。



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使用该选项,您可查找到代理 Parker 系列产品的分销商和销售公司的地点。 从列表中选择一个国家/地区,会显示出最近的授权销售地点和联系信息。




使用该选项,您可查找到能够直接发货的分销商、销售公司、批发商和/或 Parker 的办事处的地点。 从列表中选择 Parker 子品牌,会显示出最近的授权销售地点和联系信息。


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