Control Systems Division

Our mission is to be our customers' supplier of choice for advanced flight control and actuation systems while achieving profitable growth and operational excellence by leveraging our core products, technology, and outstanding talent

About Us

At Parker’s Control Systems Division, our approach to motion control is systematic, going from idea to reality — and beyond, to lifetime support — with a proven process that facilitates in-depth understanding and performance at every level.  


It’s a process that allows us to provide excellent quality, reduced lead times, on-time delivery, and ongoing cost control our customers expect.


Our flight control experience extends across both military and commercial platforms, and embraces a wide range of industry-changing programs.


Control Systems has decades of experience solving flight control system challenges on a wide variety of commercial and military aircraft.  As experts in flight control system technology, our customers trust our judgment to provide them with the utmost in flight control system reliability, performance, and quality.


Our thorough knowledge of and experience with both traditional and advanced flight control system technologies enable us to provide our business jet customers with the highest possible dispatch reliability solutions for their flight control systems.


Parker flight controls have long played a role in advanced military aircraft, including helicopters, fighters, transports, and missiles.




Interdisciplinary approach

The Controls Systems Division's interdisciplinary approach includes electronic, mechanical, software, testing, and system integration.  Our adaptable and scalable architecture results in system solutions that are both affordable and quick to deliver, allowing us to go from contract award to delivery of first hardware for some programs in under six months.


Proven pedigree

Our hydromechanical and electrohydraulic components and systems are the product of advanced material selection and efficient system packaging, to provide you with greater reliability through innovative sealing and coating technologies, proven fault tolerant and fail-safe design configurations, lightweight and battle-tested ballistic-tolerant designs, and a focus on low cost through lean processes.


All of our servovalves provide unparalleled performance due to our highly reliable Jet-Pipe® first- and second-stage spool design.  The result is an exceptionally stable, contamination-resistant and erosion-tolerant servovalve that’s designed to last.


Innovation in action

Whether in primary or backup mode, the trend is toward electric flight control actuation — and CSD is supporting the charge.


Electrohydrostatic actuation (EHA) is a power-by-wire system that eliminates the need for central hydraulics.  EHAs are self-contained hydraulic systems controlled by high power electronics, allowing the use of traditional proven hydraulic actuation configurations for fault tolerance.  Parker EHAs provide reduced system weight, reduced power consumption, and improved maintainability.


We have taken a leadership role with our system of EHAs, used to power all primary flight control surfaces on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  Jointly developed with our teammates Moog and Hamilton Sundstrand, EHAs contribute significantly to performance improvements and weight reduction at the aircraft system level.


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