Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

The LPCE division, inventor of push-to-connect technology, constantly strives to design, manufacture and customize safe and reliable quick connection solutions for all industries and distribution everywhere across the globe.

Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

PARKE LPCE places more than 60 years of expertise in optimizing flow, sealing and gripping technology at your fingertips.

Industrial machines as well as processing equipments require productivity, energy efficiency, and safety in many end markets. Parker LPCE helps to meet these objectives with providing innovative connection solutions for Air, Industrial Gases and liquids.

Industrial Fluids Network

PARKER LPCE proposes Transair®: The best piping system for industrial fluids - A technology with multiple assets. Aluminium or stainless steel piping for compressed air and industrial utilities under pressure.

Transair® is the ideal solution for all compressed air, inert gas, vacuum and industrial fluids networks, by combining adaptability, quick installation, high performance and durability, while improving the profitability and reducing the related maintenance and operating costs of your networks.


For transportation customers, PARKER LPCE strives to design, manufacture and customise safe and reliable connection solutions distributed everywhere across the globe.
For more than 60 years, Parker LPCE has proposed solutions for Truck and Trailers Manufacturers to improve their productivity, secure their production process and increase their product’s reliability.
trucks and trailers Application Parker Legris
Parker LPCE provides a wide range of products dedicated for buses and coaches. From chassis and engine applications to door systems, all our connection solutions are focused on profitability and productivity. We offer instant push-in fittings in polymer, brass, or stainless steel, flow regulators and quick couplers.
Bus & Coach Application Parker Legris
Today’s rail traffic must function on time, every time, driven by the demands of its customers. Parker is continually creating accessible and unique solutions for both the freight and passenger rail sectors. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality connectors for the rail industry. All these products provide users with the guarantee of endurance and long-term reliability.
Train Application Parker Legris

Thermal Management

PARKER LPCE : Provider of low pressure fluid handling solutions for thermal management

Thermal management is critical in virtually all industries. While liquid cooling systems are the preferred option for small spaces, dusty environments, quiet zones and high power rating applications, water circuit design requires particular care. Through our brands Transair, Legris and Rectus, we continually endeavour to develop fluidic solutions to help our customers overcome the difficulties of water management.

Life Sciences

PARKER LPCE solutions guarantee the integrity of the fluids in your medical environment.

Pharmaceutical, medical technology, and biotechnology equipment manufacturers face significant challenges related to production process control, development times and contamination risk management. Parker LPCE provides secure connection technology solutions, compliant with cleanliness and reliability requirements, thus allowing medical & laboratory equipment manufacturers to better serve their customers.

Food & Beverage

PARKER LPCE: Provider of connection solutions for air and liquids with the most extensive range of food certifications.

Parker LPCE is providing a wide range of connection solutions to convey liquid and air on Food and Beverage applications. Manufacturers of food processing and equipments are facing many challenges in productivity, space saving and fluid integrity. Parker LPCE can offer efficient push-in fittings to answer the customer challenges while ensuring cleanliness and compliance with Food and beverage certifications.


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