Electronic control and electromechanical system solutions for all segments of the mobile agriculture market.

Our Industries

Parker Hannifin’s Electronic Motion and Controls Division (EMC) provides products and solutions for virtually all electromechanical and electronic systems for mobile vehicles. Parker’s EMC Division serves a diverse customer base featuring construction machinery, bus and RV, forestry, material handling, agriculture equipment and the specialty truck market.

Agriculture: The agriculture industry includes activities related to preparing soil, improving crops, harvesting and managing livestock. Parker Electronic Motion and Controls Division develops individual components and system solutions for the agriculture industry to meet the requirements of operations while striving to provide workers with comfort and ease in the field.
Construction: As one of the world's largest industries, construction affects our day-to-day life with impact on residential and commercial buildings, bridges, roadways, excavation and demolition jobs. From electrification to machine controllers, condition monitoring, sensors and displays, Parker can offer a system configuration for safer machine maintenance, improved diagnostic capabilities and increased operator comfort.
Industrial Manufacturing: Linear and rotary actuators, electric cylinders, positioners, servo systems, and other products offer solutions for industrial equipment including extruders, conveyors, machine tools, metals, rubber and plastics, stamping and pressing, hoists and cranes, and more.
Material Handling: Parker Electronic Motion and Controls Division has successfully developed and integrated products for material handling solutions that address the needs of forklift, conveyor, telehandler, crane, and reachstacker manufacturers. Innovative solutions for operator displays and CAN-based control systems can optimize fuel consumption and diagnostic capabilities.
Transportation: Parker Electronic Motion and Controls Division offers comprehensive electrification and vehicle control systems specifically designed for the mobile industry. Innovative electronic control products include touchscreen operator display clusters, CAN-based control systems, CAN bus interface and multiplexing controllers that increase productivity with user-friendly application software tools to build a complete system.

Explosion Proof Motor Classifications

Explosion Proof Motor Classifications by Hazardous Locations. Learn the commonly used terms and design criteria used to qualify equipment.


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