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Parker Composite Sealing Systems Division (CSS) has been providing solutions designed to make today's complex systems safer, comfortable, and more efficient while lowering the overall costs of the life cycle for decades. We work with customers to engineer sealing solutions that meet the reliability, safety, and supply chain challenges facing aerospace and military suppliers.

Our platform expertise includes:

    Airborne: Commercial aircraft, business jets, fixed wing, rotor, general aviation, spacecraft
    Military: Aircraft, rocket, unmanned aircraft, missile and weapons systems

Automotive & Transportation

Parker designs and manufactures high volume, quality sealing solutions for engines, HVAC, powertrain, gearboxes, air engine exhausts, and suspension for passenger, commercial, and heavy duty transportation vehicles. Our engineering and production sites are certified to ISO 2001 and TS16969 quality management systems. 

Automotive and transportation OEMs are leveraging our extensive experience in static gasket sealing technologies for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and working with our e-mobility teams to develop sealing for power electronics and liquid cooling systems as well as thermal management solutions specifically tailored for today's electric vehicles (EV).

Bioprocessing & Biopharma

Parker CSS offers a range of customized biopharma solutions that includes single-use system (SUS) fluid management solutions designed to be used once in bioprocessing and biopharma production, manufacturing, transportation, and dispensing. We provide off-the-shelf as well as custom single-use solutions and can provide complete product integration, design engineering and manufacturing for a wide variety of customized, scalable solutions for your upstream and downstream processes.

Our extensive overmolding capabilities which utilize a range of medical grade materials enable the delivery of tailored fluid path and gateway solutions that mitigate risk of contamination and allow optimized fluid management.

Industrial Equipment

We manufacture composite solutions for sealing joints, flanges and housings on industrial equipment and machinery and componentry utilizing highly customizable, stamped, machined metal or other substrate frame solutions with molded-in or elastomer-bonded seal beads. In addition, we provide fabric reinforced elastomer solutions utilizing Nylon, polyester, Nomex® and Nextel® fabrics.

We work with industrial equipment OEMs to design customized static gasket sealing solutions that help streamline assembly and simplify supply chain of complex equipment which includes:  industrial engines, gear pumps, gear boxes, regulators, vacuum regulators and switches, flow control valves and meters, flow meters and switches, process control valves.

Medical Materials & Technology

Parker is FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified.  Utilizing today's validated medical grade materials and advanced technology processes, we're working with medical device companies around the world in all phases of development. Our design expertise and process agility enable customers to deliver their innovative products to market on-time.

Our diverse capabilities include: material customization, product design using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), silicone (LSR/LIM) and organic rubber (HCR) molding and extrusion, fabrication and assembly of components and/or finished medical devices, reusable devices, instruments, and diagnostics. Testing, printing, packaging and sterilization operations also available. 

Oil & Gas

Parker is a material science leader in developing high performance sealing materials for oil and gas applications. Our newest, innovative materials are changing the performance landscape for applications and products used in Downhole, Topside, and Subsea Technologies.

Learn about our oil & gas sealing solution technologies that include: metals, molded-in-elastomer/metal composites, and dissolvable aluminum alloys that are formulated for high strength and reliable, controlled dissolution in common wellbore fluids.


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