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Improve your factory's efficiency with our ecosystem of products. From cylinders, to safety exhaust valves and universal manifolds, automated infrastructure will be sure to provide you with the flexibility you need.

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At Parker, we know your markets and take the time to understand your challenges. When it comes to solving those challenges, our capabilities include the development of system solutions that easily can be deployed within your existing product line or custom developed to your specifications in a new design. The result is a partnership that can positively impact your productivity and profitability.

Factory Automation

The rise of new digital industrial technology allows you to trim costs, boost profits, and fuel growth. Parker's smart technology helps you manage and optimize aspects of your manufacturing processes.


In the Mining Industry where safety is the number one priority, it is critical to have a reliable partner who can offer the products and services to ensure the teams get the job done safely, whether they’re working in a drag line, high wall surface mine, conventional underground or long wall mine.

Oil & Gas

Holding the concept of creating value for customers, Parker Hannifin is actively devoted to the continued development of Canada's Oil & Gas industry. Parker recognizes that in an evolving market, you need a partner with acute technical insight, proven experience, a customer-first approach and worldwide accessibility. That's the formula for success - and the portfolio of advantages you receive with Parker on your team. Together, We Can Fuel Progress.

Snow and Ice

When the winter storms arrive, many Canadians prefer to limit their driving due to unsafe conditions, but not you. Your trucks take to the road because snow and ice removal is essential to our day-to-day lives during the winter. While improving conditions for Canadians, Parker understands that there are many factors that will improve the removal process.

We heard you need:

Total System Reliability
Flexible Programming
Improved Cab-Ergonomics
Precise Control
GPS Capable Data Logging

Real solutions offered by Parker Canada:

Phone/Tablet Diagnostic Applications
Flexible Windows-Based Programming
Small Compact Electronics
1% Closed Loop Spread Rate Accuracy
Wireless Communication
Parker Control System & Hydraulic


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