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Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets


Hydrogen is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many businesses looking to reduce emissions. Parker's H2 range includes products suited to very high pressures and low temperatures, as well as EC79-compliant products and hydrogen service testing options.

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Our Industries

Whatever the motion and control need, Parker has the experience, an industry leading breadth of product and an unrivalled global distribution to constantly deliver. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or have a need for maintenance, repair and overhaul you can be sure of premier service through more than 280 Parker locations and 12,000 distributor outlets around the world.

HYDROGEN - Hydrogen fuel cell technologies are a key growth area for many markets, including off-road machinery and heavy-duty transportation. Parker's H2 range includes hoses, connectors, filters, seals and much more, including EC79 approved products.
ELECTRIFICATION - Electrification is a popular route for many businesses. Electrically-driven traction, auxiliary functions that switch on and off by demand, and combined electric power source and fuel cell technologies... Achieve streamlined designs and more efficient power with Parker.
OIL & GAS | Parker has been an integral part of oil & gas exploration and production for more than 50 years. From deepwater mooring systems, advanced filtration and particle detection systems, accumulators, cylinders and literally hundreds of certified, corrosion resistant components, Parker will help you keep exploring and producing at peak efficiency even in the harshest of conditions.
POWER GENERATION | Parker is the world's leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies and provides a large range of precision solutions for mobile and industrial applications to different markets including the Power Generation and Renewable Energies market.
MOBILE CONSTRUCTION | Parker’s product portfolio includes a wide range of components for mobile machines; about a million products in hydraulics, filtration, fluid connectors, electronics, transmission and pneumatics. Parker has long experience in design, development and optimization of systems and special components for the mobile market's demanding requirements.
MARINE | Whether it’s a freight, pleasure or military marine application, Parker has the products for all your marine applications with over 500,000 parts to meet your various marine system needs.
LIFE SCIENCE | With more than 30 years of industry experience, Parker has the technology and processes as well as the research, design, and manufacturing resources to help them meet these objectives either as a development partner or as an independent source of components, systems, custom assemblies, and modules.
TRANSPORTATION | From cars and trucks, to trains and planes, Parker is helping manufacturers enhance the operator’s experience and reduce fuel consumption and emissions in traditional vehicles, while also contributing to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources. Parker’s technology and global presence advance transportation worldwide by enabling agile development of more efficient, safe solutions that meet the highest standards for reliability.
SEMICONDUCTOR | Parker's advanced shielding solutions protect sensitive electronics from harmful EMI and thermal energy, while its engineered sealants and enclosure materials accommodate the tight tolerances, high temperatures and aggressive chemistries found in demanding semiconductor and manufacturing environments.
MINING | Equipment performance, uptime and worker safety in remote, hazardous environments are key challenges in the mining industry. Parker leverages its extensive industry experience and engineering capabilities to offer intelligent predictive and onsite-maintenance solutions, such as smart hydraulics and mobile hydraulic repair centers that improve safety, reduce downtime and increase productivity.
DEFENCE | Complete system design, build and support which means that we are able to expand performance, improve power to weight ratios, minimising footprint, increase reliability and reduce maintenance requirements.


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