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Accumulator and Oil Cooler Solutions

With more years of experience than any other name, Parker’s Accumulator and Cooler Division is the leading industry manufacturer of accumulator and hydraulic cooling systems solutions for energy optimization. We supply the broadest accumulator and cooler product lines, including pistons, bladders, diaphragms, air-oil coolers, combination coolers and water-oil coolers. Years of lean manufacturing principles allow us to turn your order around quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, due to our strong engineering capabilities, you can also look to Parker first for custom-design initiatives, online sizing calculators for accumulators and oil coolers, and other solutions for hydraulic system efficiency.

Accumulator and Cooler Division - Solutions

Hydraulic Accumulator Sizing Calculator

Parker’s hydraulic accumulator sizing tool enables you to calculate all the necessary parameters such as pressure, volume and temperature for the isothermal or adiabatic charging and discharging processes of an accumulator.  This online sizing calculator is aimed at the user who is tasked with determining the essential accumulator selection parameters within a short time. 

This easy-to-use accumulator sizing calculator is an intelligent application which considers real gas behavior, calculates in different units of measurement for pressure, volume and temperature. This sizing tool is specifically designed to determine accumulator sizing for supplemental pump flow, auxiliary power, hydraulic shock, and pump flow for multiple events applications. Once you input the application requirements, the sizing tool will determine the type of accumulator based on our engineering expertise.

Parker Hydraulic Accumulator Sizing Calculator

Oil Cooler Sizing Calculator

A continual desire for more cost efficient and environmentally friendly hydraulic systems requires continuous development.  Areas we are continuously seeking to improve performance include cooling capacity, noise level, pressure drop and fatigue.  Therefore, our product selection is continuously changing. 

Correct sizing requires knowledge and experience. Parker’s oil cooler sizing calculator considered a best-in-class online selection tool that optimizes the planning process for cooler application experts. Our oil cooler sizing tool saves time in calculation for product selection and guides you to the recommended product mix for the application at hand. At the same time, this online selector tool walks you through sizing the proper cooler product with just a few inputs. Specifying the right cooler for your application positively impacts the efficiency of your equipment as well uptime, therefore increases revenues.

Parker Oil Cooler Sizing Calculator

Air Oil Coolers for Temperature Optimization

An underestimated cooling capacity produces a temperature that is too high. The consequences are poor lubricating properties, higher internal leakage, a higher risk of cavitation, damaged components, etc. Overheating leads to a significant drop in efficiency which can be detrimental to our environment.

Temperature optimization is a basic prerequisite for cost-efficient operations when it comes to coolers. Temperatu­re balance in a hydraulic system occurs when the cooler can cool down the energy input that the system does not consume – the system’s lost energy. Temperature optimization occurs at the temperature at which the oil viscosity is maintained at recommended values. The correct working temperatures produces several economic and environmental benefits.

Parker Air Oil Coolers for Temperature Control

Reliable Bladder Accumulators That Fit Your Global Footprint

Parker’s global bladder accumulators provide four standard certifications that cover three continents. That’s the largest geographical footprint of any line of standard accumulators in the market today. Whether your equipment is operating in North America, Europe or Australia, our global bladder accumulators are ready to perform. With one standard product featuring four distinct certifications, you can trust that your growing hydraulic and hydro-pneumatic bladder accumulator needs will be met – with quality and precision.

Parker’s global bladder type accumulators are specially engineered to the highest quality standards, ensuring greater productivity in your application. Parker helps reduce worry and improves efficiency because of our certifications with ASME, CE, CRN and AS1210. 

Parker Reliable Bladder Accumulators

SensoNODE Bluetooth-Powered Wireless Sensors

Parker’s SensoNODE Blue Sensors along with Voice of the Machine (VoM) Industrial Mobile App provides a route-based condition monitoring solution for predictive maintenance across multiple applications and industries.

Compact, energy-efficient, and wireless, SensoNODE is designed to provide a simple and useful solution for route-based diagnostic and condition monitoring applications. Pre-charge loss can cause damage that negatively impact your production and profits. Parker SensoNODE for accumulators is specifically designed to provide simple solutions for measuring gas pre-charge on bladder and piston style accumulators. These accumulator industrial wireless sensors enable hands-off pre-charge pressure and temperature measurement to prevent downtime. Parker also keeps application engineers and technical support staff on hand to make sure you get it right.

Parker SensoNODE Sensors and Software for Accumulators

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