With employees operating in all corners of the world, Parker is a truly global company. We have maintained our culture by expertly balancing our goals for growth and profitability with our commitment to establish a comfortable and open work environment.

The Parker Difference

With an international staff total of 55 000, Parker is solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges. Talented and dedicated accountants, marketing and salespeople, supply chain managers, information technology specialists, human resource experts and manufacturing professionals are required. Join the Parker team and realize your future in making a positive impact on the world. We’re looking for inspired communicators, resourceful problem solvers, inquisitive thinkers and dedicated professionals who want to learn and grow with us. Our global success is based on a simple equation: an empowered workforce operating in a supportive environment fosters innovative ideas and solutions. We encourage our employees to pursue ideas, and more importantly, we listen to them. When we succeed, we recognize employees and team achievements and create exceptional opportunities for career growth with a global company. A career at Parker offers boundless potential for professional and personal growth. You will work alongside the brightest minds in the world, help develop innovative technology and products, and contribute to our company’s goal of solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges. We believe the collective efforts of every individual employee serving under a common direction, with clear objectives has put us in a strong position.
Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, and we recognize that the contributions of our employees serve as the foundation of our success. We’re a different kind of company with an approach to career development that’s as innovative as our engineering solutions. With employees operating in all corners of the world, Parker is a truly global company. We have maintained our culture by expertly balancing our goals for growth and profitability with our commitment to establish a comfortable and open work environment. We have succeeded in maintaining a thriving and fulfilled workforce by establishing a culture that reflects the shared values of all of our employees.
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. Yet simply obeying safety rules is not enough. Parker’s commitment to safety means each of us needs to be alert to safety risks as we go about our jobs. Below are some basic rules you must follow: • We comply with the requirements of the environmental, health and safety management system at our work location and we stop any work that becomes unsafe. • Only undertake work for which you are trained, competent, medically fit and sufficiently rested and alert to carry out. • Emergency evacuation procedure plans implemented and tested on a regular basis. • We help and ensure that – employees, contractors and other third parties – act consistently with Parker’s safety commitments.

Working at Parker

Parker Hannifin Sales Company South Africa is an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer that extends its commitment beyond equal opportunity and non-discriminatory practices to take positive steps to create an inclusive and empowered environment.

Career Paths

It takes a strong and cohesive team to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, so Parker consistently seeks the top talent from all professional disciplines. Parker employs exceptional professionals in all fields, including engineering, manufacturing, finance, accounting, sales, supply chain management, information technology, marketing, human resources, Lean manufacturing, quality, operations management and program management. The role our information technology specialists play in solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges is equally as important as the role of our engineers. All Parker employees help us to achieve our long-term goals, regardless of their division, department, title or tenure. Parker has succeeded in employing the top talent in the industry by focusing its hiring efforts on the individual, not the job description. If you are an inquisitive thinker with great ideas and a desire to succeed, Parker will find the perfect spot for you on our team.

  • Engineering

    We have career opportunities for applications, development, design, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, process, project, software, systems, chemical and biochemical engineers.

  • Human resources

    We have career opportunities for human resource assistants, respresentatives, managers and directors.

  • Information Technology

    We have career opportunities for project leaders, technical analysts, technical support specialists and division IT managers.

  • Pricing

    Strategic Pricing is a core element of Parker Hannifin's corporate strategy and the company has built this into a unique industry leading and development program.

Social Responsibility

Parker recognises the strong connection between the health of our company and various economic, environmental and social factors. It’s why we focus our sustainable efforts on employee welfare, responsible use of resources and a social responsibility to the communities in which we operate.