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Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe

Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe offers a single source for mobile hydraulic valves, manifolds and systems.

Our foundation of excellence is built on an extensive product line and in-depth knowledge of our markets, including construction, aerial work platform, refuse, forestry, material handling, truck, defense, mining and agriculture. During more than 50 years in the market for mobile equipment we have developed our solutions side by side with our customers to fulfill their needs and to be prepared for future needs.

Our engineers and field-sales teams have years of experience analyzing, evaluating and designing mobile and hydraulic solutions. We work with our customers throughout their development phase to capture machine specific requirements. Based on that knowledge we design and adopt our solutions using our comprehensive line of hydraulic valves and other components.

Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe operates from five locations in Europe, see more under part Locations


Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe, MSDE, operates from five locations in Europe. Both in the office and in production we use the lean principles to drive continuous improvements and our location in Sweden is one of Parkers Lean Model Plants. We work with Six Sigma and we are certified according ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.
Located in southwest of Sweden Parker´s Lean Model Plant in Borås produces directional control valves, remote control valves and auxiliary valves for the mobile market. Borås location is the division headquarter. The manifold side of the production plant in Borås produces custom manifolds specializing in highly complex circuits out of aluminum and cast iron. The focus is on integrated hydraulic circuits which are incorporated into mobile systems. We can provide both standard circuit and custom-engineered hydraulic solutions.
Boras facility
Located in Lincolnshire, England, Parker´s plant in Grantham produces directional control valves, remote control valves and auxiliary valves for the mobile market.
Grantham facility
Located in Warwickshire, England, we have our Business Unit Mobile Integrated Solutions unit based in Warwick. In Warwick, the focus is complete vehicle hydraulic solutions and sub-systems such as Door Assist, Rear Steering and Auxiliary power generation, etc.
Warwick facility
Located in Somerset, England, the plant in Crewkerne houses a complete machine shop, well equipped to accommodate a large variety of turning, grinding and milling operations, to support complete cartridge valve manufacturing. The site produces manifolds, load control and cartridge valves and is a product leader for high pressure and combination valves. As well as custom design cartridge valves, we specialize in load control and high pressure applications in a variety of markets.
Crewkerne facility
Located in north-west of the Czech Republic the production facility in Chomutow is based on a LEAN manufacturing techniques such as Value Stream Mapping, kanban controls, 5S, small batch flow, etc. and is operated using fully equipped "cells", which are dedicated to specific product "families", with each one having its own stand with manual or automated electronic controls and quick change-over fixtures.
Chomutow facility


Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe originates from acquisitions made by Parker and we have a long history within the industry.

The Borås facility was acquired as a part of VOAC Hydraulics in 1996. VOAC was owned by Volvo and Atlas Copco and was formed from Monsun Tison and Volvo Hydraulics. Monsun Tison has its roots in the 1920's and mobile valves has been on the agenda since 1950's.

The Grantham and Warwick facility were both acquired as a part of Commercial Intertech in the year 2000. Commercial Intertech was a company with a long tradition in hydraulics starting in the 1920's. Commercial acquired the Warwick facility from Keelavite Systems in 1981 and Keelavite has been in the market since 1935. The Grantham facility originates from Kontak Manufacturing Company Ltd that was founded 1947. In 1983, the company expanded with the acquisition of Rubery Owen Hydraulics and was then acquired by Commercial Hydraulics 1989.

In 2016, the Mobile Controls Division Europe was combined with the Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division Europe and formed the Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe, MSDE. The Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division Europe developed out of Parker Hydraulics acquiring WATERMAN HYDRAULICS (1988), Fluid Power Systems (1998), GRESEN (1999) and Commercial Hydraulics (1999). The Division was named Parker-IHD in 2000. In 2005, Parker acquired STERLING HYDRAULICS, which became the Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Europe Division in July 2006.


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