Headquartered in Kings Mountain, NC

The Pump Motor Division produces gear pump screw pumps, and gear motors in Kings Mountain, NC. Torqmotors, transmissions, Nichols motors, and piston pumps are developed and built in Greeneville, TN.

Pump & Motor Collaboration

The Gear Pump and Hydraulic Pump and Motor divisions have merged to form the Pump & Motor Division. This union grants customers access to a greater range of products from a single, focused division. By working together, both facilities will be able to better satisfy more customers with quality, Parker products, while still providing award-winning, Parker customer service. Internally, more resources and creativity are developing new and innovative technologies to revolutionize the marketplace.

Torqmotor Excellence

Parker has now teamed the workhorse Torqmotor™ with Parker piston pumps, valving, filters and reservoir to provide an integral hydrostatic transmission. One efficient, compact and economical package to propel vehicles up to 2500 pounds GVW.

Low Speed, High Torque

Our LSHT motor offering is rounded out by the unique Nichols line of compact, straight shaft motors. Features include stainless steel shafts and thru-shafts for brake or encoder mounting. Additional products include off-highway steering systems and high speed gerotor motors.

Vertically Integrated

Lines of communication are short at Pump & Motor Division in Greeneville. All administration, engineering, marketing and manufacturing are under one 250,000 square foot roof at our Greeneville facility. We are vertically integrated — virtually all machining is done in house. We have our own in-house heat treat furnaces. Our fully equipped metallurgical lab employs a full-time, degreed metallurgical engineer. All this is to insure a quality product delivered when you want it.

Custom Configuration

The chassis dynos in our 10,000 square foot engineering lab allow us to fit up customer’s machines and run them under simulated actual operating conditions. This allows us to tailor our products to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Together, we will succeed!

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Pump & Motor Division Headquarters
Gear Pumps, Gear Motors, and Dump Pumps

101 Canterbury Rd
Kings Mountain, NC 28086-0219
United States

Ph: (888) 700-7531
Fax: (704) 730-5832

Pump & Motor Division
Torqmotors, Transmissions, and Hydraulic Fluid

2745 Snapps Ferry Rd.
Greeneville, TN 37745-1790
United States

Ph: (423) 639-8151
Fax: (423) 787-2418


Pump & Motor Division Headquarters Pump & Motor Division Headquarters
101 Canterbury Rd
Kings Mountain

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Telefon  (423) 639-8151
Fax (704) 730-5832