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Parker's Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division has been designing pumps and motors for over 50 years to drive industry. We are here for our customers, creating products to tackle the worlds most difficult engineering challenges and move them into the future.

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A global technology leader, the Parker Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division brings nearly two centuries of combined experience. Our division is the result of the Parker piston pump business’s acquisition of Denison Hydraulics and merger with the Parker Oildyne Division and the Parker Electromechanical Drives Division’s (EMD) electric motors and gearboxes.

Since before WWII, Denison products have been excelling in military test stand and shipboard hydraulic applications. This acquisition allowed us to enhance and expand the design, manufacturing and application of open- and closed-circuit piston products into new markets.  With the addition of Oildyne, we have extended our offering to include the quality compact hydraulic products and systems the division has been pioneering since 1955. Like the miniature piston pumps Oildyne manufactures, it’s been a smart fit.

With the Summer 2021 addition of electric motors and gearboxes from Parker’s EMD, HPS is focused on the future of both electric and hydraulics solutions. By combining electric motors and hydraulic pumps, highly integrated and versatile electro-hydraulic functions can be created for a wide variety of applications including trucks, buses, and construction equipment vehicles. 


The Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division operates four manufacturing locations in the United States. We partner with our overseas manufacturing facilities, Pump & Motor Division Europe, which has four locations across Europe. Together, our teams of application, engineering and manufacturing professionals collaborate on industry leading hydraulic pumps, motors, power units, electro-hydraulic actuators (EHA), and compact systems designs.
The Hydraulic Pump & Power Systems Division is headquartered in Marysville, Ohio, just outside of Columbus. Gold Cup Pumps and Motors, known worldwide for their unparalleled, rugged design are manufactured here. The Marysville facility has been in operation since 1962, originally part of Denison Hydraulics and acquired by Parker in 2004. Safety for our team and visitors is top priority and our record is something we take great pride in. With world class manufacturing and continuous improvement, the Marysville facility is positioned to exceed our customers' expectations as a global supplier. In addition to manufacturing, the Marysville facility houses industry leading closed center pump research, development, and engineering, which is responsible for numerous break throughs and patents. Marysville has one of the largest hydraulic laboratories in North America, including multiple test stands with over 3000 HP of installed power and an extensive Metallurgical lab. We are continuously working to improve our products, to deliver the best quality hydraulic pumps for your applications.
Parker HPS Marysville
Marysville Ohio
Parker Oildyne, located in New Hope, Minnesota, has been manufacturing top quality compact hydraulic products since 1955. Parker Oildyne merged to become part of Parker’s Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems (HPS) Division in 2015. Its product line focuses on compact fluid power system solutions requiring flows up to 14.4 liters per minute (3.8 gallons per minute) and pressure to 276 bar (4000 psi), or integrated electro-hydraulic actuators. Parker Oildyne is dedicated to providing solutions for today’s high pressure, space saving, and power-dense hydraulic installations.
New Hope HPS
New Hope, MN
For 25 years, our Motor and Gearhead business in New Ulm has delivered high quality products and core expertise to support customer application development. Products from the facility are used in industries, such as aerospace, semiconductor, packaging, robotics, and vehicle electrification. This facility is ISO9001 2015 certified.
New Ulm Min
New Ulm Minnesota
Parker’s Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems’ Otsego, Michigan location (a few miles north of Kalamazoo) focuses on the manufacturing of Parker’s superior open circuit variable piston pumps including P1/PD, P2/P3, PAVC, PVP, P1M, and Industrial Power Units. The Otsego facility has been operating since 1968 providing years of experience in machining, assembling, and testing. Safety for our team and visitors is top priority and our record shows this without doubt. With world class manufacturing and continuous improvement, the Otsego facility is positioned well and is constantly improving and out pacing the competition as a global supplier. In addition to manufacturing, the Otsego facility houses industry leading open center pump research, development, and engineering which is responsible for numerous break throughs and patents. Otsego also has a fully capable pump lab with multiple test stands up to 500 HP.
Ostego HPS
Otsego, MI

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