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Parker Hannifin Denmark is part of Parker Hannifin Corporation - the global leader in Motion & Control technologies. For more than 100 years, we have partnered with our customers to increase their productivity and profitability.

Parker in Denmark

We work closely together with our customers to find new and better ways to create value - among others develop and offer the best products and systems.

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Parker Hannifin Danmark was founded in 1970 and is part of Parker Hannifin Corporation - a Fortune 250 global leader in ”Motion & Control” tecnologies. For more than 100 years, the company has helped create its customers' success in a wide range of diverse industrial markets as well as in aerospace. Parker Hannifin currently employs app. 55,000 employees in 50 countries. In Denmark, 70 employees work with the rest of the world in order to offer a first-class experience for our customers. And as we have been doing for decades, we collaborate with our customers every day to increase their productivity and profitability. It is our corporate culture and our constant commitment.


The engineering in our products may not be visible, but every day you experience the results of our work on virtually everything that moves. Parker’s engineering expertise spans the core motion and control technologies – Aerospace, Climate Control, Electromechanical, Filtration, Fluid & Gas Handling, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Process Control and Sealing & Shielding. Visit our product section for more details on our product offerings.
Parker's highly engineered components and systems facilitate motion and the controlled flow of liquids and gasses for a wide variety of global markets - from the biopharmaceutical industry, mobile and transportation to renewable energy. Read more about our focus markets in Denmark.


Our history

Parker's story began on March 13, 1917, when 33-year-old engineer, Arthur Parker, founded the Parker Appliance Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Parker's story is a story about a company's exciting development the past century, but also a story about Parker's role and involvement in worldwide events such as the first transatlantic solo flight with Charles Lindbergh, World War II and Apollo 11.

Parker's Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

While the arrival of COVID-19 brought significant challenges in fiscal year 2020, Parker continued its ongoing transformation under The Win Strategy to deliver strong financial performance and value for shareholders, indicating resiliency and a bright future ahead.


With a broad motion and control technology portfolio, engaged teams working across the globe and long-standing customer partnerships, Parker is fortunately positioned to help improve the lives of many and make the world a better place. Addressing these opportunities is more than an ambition, it’s why Parker is in business. The ability to help team members thrive, protect the environment and support local communities is viewed as a key measure of the company’s success.

Featuring unique local initiatives that are helping to strenghten communities, conserve resources and make a positive environmental impact at the local level, the latest Sustainability Report demonstrates how team members around the world are living Parker's purpose: Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow.

Sustainability Report

Social Responsibility

While implementing sustainable business practices across the operations of a global organization is a complex challenge, doing so also presents a meaningful opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of team members, the environment and the communities Parker calls home.
By establishing high performance teams and driving an ownership culture, Parker’s engaged team members are making significant improvements to safety, quality, cost and on-time delivery. They’re also building on a rich legacy of social responsibility through volunteering and charitable giving to help address the needs of their local communities.
From expanding recycling programs and finding new ways to utilize eco-friendly materials, to optimizing manufacturing processes and reducing the consumption of energy, water and raw materials, Parker is exploring new methods to conserve resources and help protect the environment.
Parker technologies can be found on and around almost everything that moves. Driving improvement across the entire product lifecycle and designing systems to operate at peak performance represents a meaningful opportunity to create value for customers while minimizing environmental impact.

Distributors and retail partners

Parker's global distribution network is unparalleled in the industry. 13,000 locations worldwide ensure, that Parker customers are serviced by local partners in local language. Our distribution network in Denmark consists of well-trained, local and independent companies possessing their own expertise within technologies such as instrumentation, pneumatics, hydraulics, etc. Through this network, customers have instant access to Parker's product range as well as services..
Parkers global Retail concept ensures that MRO customers have quick access to products and services through ParkerStore shops and HOSE DOCTOR® service vans.


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