CNG Fuel Dispensing

Parker Fluid Control Division is committed to providing fuel dispensing solutions for CNG and many other alternative fuel applications, incorporating our high pressure, low leakage CNG natural gas valve.

Our Industries

Parker Fluid Control Division serves markets in the Transportation, Life Science, Process Control, Oil and Gas, Food & Beverage and Industrial markets. With our modular valve design, coils and global divisional product support, we help you provide solutions for a number of applications.

CNG Fuel Dispensing: Parker Fluid Control Division is committed to being environmentally conscious by developing valve products that comply with Government emission laws. This is just one reason our high flow, natural gas valves with hazardous class coils are in high demand for the fuel dispensing industry.
Industrial Equipment: Parker Fluid Control Division provides valve systems for a wide range of industrial applications. We develop and engineer products for a variety of capabilities including factory automation, chemical processing, manufacturing production, commercial equipment, pulp and paper and food and beverage.
Medical and Life Science: Parker Fluid Control Division offers integrated valve systems and components that are critical for Life Science instruments and devices such as Sterilization & Infection Control, Surgical Applications, Patient Monitoring, Suction and Irrigation. With our vast experience in fluid control, Parker develops valve systems for medical technology solutions ideally suited for fluid management such as patient dosing, respiratory equipment and Anesthesia applications.
Oil and Gas: Parker Fluid Control Division provides control valves for the Power Generation, Chemical, Petrochemical and Off-Shore Energy Markets. We offer complete solutions for applications in the Oil and Gas industries where safety and control is critical for operating in potentially hazardous atmospheres.
Transportation: Parker’s Fluid Control Division provides on-vehicle fuel solutions to maximize your competitive advantage with our SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) valves designed to lower NOx emissions.


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