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Industrial Systems Division Europe is one of the world's leading manufacturers of standardized and customized hydraulic manifold blocks.

Industrial Systems Division Europe

The Industrial Systems Division Europe is a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative and competitive hydraulic industrial valves, manifolds, control systems and individual motion solutions. We provide solutions, systems and services that advance the performance of our customers’ applications. In our plants in Germany, The Netherlands and Finland, we produce, assemble and test products that are supplied to machine manufacturers and industrial companies all over the world.

Kaarst Headquarters

Since 1989, Industrial Systems Division Europe is successfully lead from the Division’s headquarters in Kaarst. This is where the threads of all three Division Business Units come together – close to Dusseldorf, capital of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and in the middle of one of the most important European economic regions.

A further locational advantage is the close proximity to the Parker Sales Company Germany on the same site. Due to the central location within Europe and the proximity to the Dusseldorf Airport that is just a 20 minutes car-drive away, the Division’s headquarters is a very important meeting point for customers and Parker colleagues from all over the world.

Business Unit Industrial Valves

Oberndorf in the Black Forest in Germany is production site of the largest Business Unit of the Industrial Systems Division Europe. Here, Parker manufactures industrial hydraulic components for many years, thus ensuring movement in machines like presses, die casting und injection molding machines, in shipbuilding, in energy generation plants, and much more. In recent years, the plant focused on the production of industrial hydraulic valves and electronic components for various applications.

In order to keep pace with international competition, the production operates in strict compliance with lean principles, making it to one of the most advanced Parker plants throughout Europe. This results among other things in extremely short delivery times that are unrivaled in the industry. Not least because of its modern manufacturing but also due to the great commitment of the employees, the production site in Oberndorf could celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018.

The engineering team of the Business Unit Industrial Valves is mostly located in the headquarters in Kaarst. A well-coordinated team of hydraulics and electronics specialists is working here on components and system solutions which meet today and in the future the demands of Parker customers all over the world.

Business Unit Industrial Manifolds

The Business Unit Industrial Manifolds was formed in 2017 by the merger of the former Business Units Lokomec and Material Forming. Lokomec was acquired into Parker as a part of the Denison Hydraulics acquisition in 2004. Since 2012, Lokomec was a Business Unit of the Hydraulic Controls Division Europe. In addition, the Business Unit Material Forming had established itself as a ”Center Of Excellence” in the material forming market. Together, they are today as Business Unit Industrial a preferred partner und supplier for leading OEM’s.

At the Tampere site, for example forest harvesters, commercial marine equipment as well as offshore oil & gas drilling and lifting equipment are developed and manufactured. The employees work on an area of more than 7000 m² in engineering and production. The product range varies from relatively small high volume manifolds and special valves which means volumes up to over 1000 pcs per year to gigantic one-off manifold system project deliveries weighing over 20 tons.

The production site of the Business Unit Industrial Manifolds in Kaarst is located directly next to the Division headquarters. The employees manufacture above all standardized und customized system solutions like e.g. hydraulic manifolds, electro-hydraulic axis and variable-speed hydraulic pump systems (Drive Controlled Pumps). Additionally, the Business Unit maintains an engineering office in Cellatica, Italy – close to important customers like die casting machine manufacturers.

Business Unit Engineered System Solutions

The Business Unit Engineered System Solutions (ESS) has emerged from the Engineered System Solutions Division and forms part of the Industrial Systems Division Europe since July 2017. The sales and application engineers at the locations Kaarst and Chemnitz (Germany), Oldenzaal and Hendrik Ido Ambacht (The Netherlands) accompany their customers as partners beyond the individual trades and components, from the earliest design stage. Hence the Business Unit Engineered System Solutions is optimally positioned to serve them with complete drive and control solutions.


The roots of the Industrial Systems Division Europe date back to the 60’s of the 20th century, but officially it was founded as Hydraulic Controls Division Europe in 1986. For more than 30 years we ensure dynamic movement in industrial hydraulic applications.

Parker’s investment in German industrial hydraulics started in 1962 with the acquisition of the German company Niehler Maschinenfabrik in Cologne, a supplier of filters, cylinders, hydraulic pumps and valves. Five years later, the Mobile and the Industrial Divisions were founded in Cologne. In 1968, Parker acquired the German company Hueller’s production site in Oberndorf, Black Forest – until today ISDE's biggest plant.

Further acquisitions were following. In 1984, Towler Hydraulics in Kaarst, a specialist for slip-in cartridges and electrohydraulics, was acquired, later on Denison Hydraulics in 2004. Three years after its founding in 1986, Hydraulic Controls Division Europe moved into its modern headquarters building in Kaarst. Over the years and decades, organization and product portfolio were repeatedly adapted to customer requirements.

In 2017, Hydraulic Controls Division Europe merged with Engineered System Solutions Division - the new Industrial Systems Division Europe was formed. Today, ISDE has three Business Units: Industrial Valves, Industrial Manifolds and Engineered System Solutions.


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