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The Pump & Motor division engineers, builds, and ships a patented design of hydraulic pumps, motors, and transmissions for turf, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. We have created an array of solutions to help answer a customer’s more demanding questions.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Parker Pump & Motor is a wealth of knowledge in the world of hydraulic pumps and motors. Check out our answers below, and let use know at if you would like to see other solutions.

What Is An Integrated Hydrostatic Transmission?

By combining a pump and motor in one device, Parker has created a solution for designs with space constraints, or for customers who want to shorten their maintenance routines. Removing tubing from the system makes integrating a transmission into a hydraulic system a cost-effective alternative. Read further or contact your local distributor to learn more about Parker hydrostatic transmissions.

Gerotor Feature Chart for Gear Motor Selection

To ease the selection process, Parker Pump and Motor Division has created a gerotor feature chart that helps customers select a hydraulic motor with ease. Follow the link and find your ideal gerotor motor.

Less Downtime, Heavy Duty Performance

Parker Hannifin offers the best hydraulic components for lawn equipment on the market.  The Parker Torqmotor provides a more efficient motor that requires less maintenance and achieves greater life. Check out the link below and learn more.

How Does a Gerotor Motor Work?

Parker is a leading gerotor pumps and motors manufacturer specializing in aluminum high speed, low torque solutions and offering high performance and high power density due to its aluminum construction.  Being a knowledge leader, Parker is here to help you learn how a gerotor works.  Click below to learn more.

Parker HT-1000 Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid

Parker has developed HT-1000, a premium hydrostatic transmission fluid recommended for all Parker Hydraulic Division products. HT-1000 oil was developed to combat downtime and eliminate maintenance hours. Order today!


How Does a Gear Pump Work?

An external rotary gear pump uses two interlocking, rotating gears to move fluid from one point to another. Gear pumps can create the high flows and pressures required by industries like oil and gas, truck, and material handling. Gear pumps provide a consistent and reliable flow because of the uniform, positive displacement gear pump design created with each revolution. Follow the link to learn even more!


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