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Learn more about our advanced engineering and technology development. EMOE division provides an extensive product line that includes fuel, oil, crankcase ventilation, and engine-air filtration solutions designed for every flow rate and any engine or fuel transfer application.

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Fuel contamination, in the form of dirt and water, often finds its way into the world’s fuel distribution and transfer systems. With some modern engines injecting fuel at pressures over 30,000 psi, and injector tolerances measured in microns, even a small amount of contamination can cause problems for your engine. Water and particulates cause microscopic injector surface damage that is then focused on by the high-pressure injector fuel flow. This causes wear that leads to reduced efficiency and the possibility of complete engine breakdown. With this in mind, long term engine operation relies on managing fuel delivery and fuel system cleanliness through proper filtration. For over 45 years, Parker Racor has been the brand of fuel filtration systems that has earned the respect of engine and equipment builders, owners, and operators around the world. And at the heart of these systems, genuine Racor Aquabloc® filter elements set the global fuel filtration performance standard. Racor’s Aquabloc® filter medias are known for their combination of high efficiency, long life and unsurpassed water removal performance, meeting and exceeding the challenges of today’s diesel engine requirements in all markets and environments. Using Aquabloc® media, Racor engineering develops innovative solutions to become integral components in complex engine fuel systems designed by the world’s leading OEM engine manufacturers. Racor develops new solutions using ISO, SAE, JIS and other world-recognized testing procedures to conform to any specifications required by our OEM customers. Racor performs on-engine, on-vehicle and laboratory diesel system testing to further the advancement of diesel filtration for today and into the future. All diesel engine users benefit from this ongoing demand for the latest technology in fuel filtration and fuel system design. In every configuration, and in any operating environment, Racor is the most trusted name in engine protection. Why trust your investment to anything less?

Marine Filtration

Parker filtration has worked closely with marine system designers and developers for many years, supplying filtration solutions for every marine application. Parker’s global solutions in fuel filtration and separation ensure reliable performance, long-term durability and efficient operation from bow to stern.


Over the years, Parker Engine Mobile OE has kept pace with the increasing demands of engine air filtration, from meeting tough new engine performance requirements to extending service life. Our engineers collaborate with customers to design a solution that provides installation flexibility, superior performance, ease of service and unmatched customer satisfaction. When your engine is operating in adverse conditions; off-road, in the desert, out at sea, or just on the local highway, it needs to be able to breathe clean, dry air. Parker Racor’s range of engine air filters offer the highest degree of filtration and life available. Using pre-cleaners capable of removing in excess of 85% of dirt prior to reaching the filter element, Parker Racor engine air filters can achieve 99.9%+ efficiency per SAE J726C. Fitted with Parker Racor pre-cleaning air filters, mobile equipment, mining machinery and wheel loaders can survive harsh dust filled environments without clogging air filters in seconds; continuing to work, whatever the conditions. Parker Racor’s complete family of air filtration systems can be configured to meet a wide range of on-road, off-road, and industrial applications. From ECO Series to a custom designed air filtration systems, Parker Racor provides innovative solutions to exceed customer expectations.


Crankcase emissions are harmful to the environment, contribute to increased engine maintenance costs and can shorten the life of engine components. Parker closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) filtration systems offer superior protection against contaminated crankcase blow-by and provide effective solutions that are easy to install and maintain. Our systems keep engine compartments and components clean, protect engine intake and air filters, improve engine life and reliability and reduce oil consumption.



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