Parker LPCE Division

Inventor of the push-in technology and market leader of quick coupling solutions, we design, manufacture and customize integrated systems, modular, easy to assemble, reusable and innovative for industrial fluids handling. Our products are distributed all over the world.

Parker Legris® Rectus® Transair®

Provider of Low Pressure Fluid Handling Connection Solutions

Our Values

As a part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, Parker Legris is the world leader for pneumatic connection solutions. We work together with you to achieve the key goal of improving your productivity. Our success is based on our values of expertise, excellence and customer experience.


More than 60 years ago, responding to customers’ needs, Mr Legris invented the push-to connect technology, moving the whole industry to a new solution that saved time in assembly and increased the productivity.

Since that time, Parker Legris® teams have never stopped improving skills and expertise in sealing, gripping technology and optimising flow.

We rely on passionate people and engaged leadership to surpass all challenges.


At Parker Legris®, excellence is everybody’s concern.

From engineering to manufacturing through marketing, Parker Legris shares a winning culture with all of its employees. With a key focus on safety, our company meets international standards and places quality management at the very heart of all our processes in the entire value chain. 

We manage in-house all engineering and manufacturing capabilities; concept, design and production equipment in injection moulding, brass stamping and automatic assembly are designed by our team. 


For Parker Legris®, satisfying our valued customers is the way of doing business.

We believe that the customer shouldn’t have to adapt to our company.Rather, we mould our business around our customers; we have implemented a dedicated engineering team to support our truck and trailer customers. 

More specifically, based on a strong customer intimacy, we co-develop fully adapted connection solutions, upgrades and new technologies.

As a global player, we also provide OEMs with premium customer service to any of their locations across the globe.

Our Locations

Operating across Europe, Parker Legris owns 7 locations steering Marketing, R&D, Customer Service, Manufacturing and Distribution Center.

With Engineering teams located both in France and Germany, Parker Legris can locally focus on its customer applications.

The 350 sqm laboratory allows to test internally all critical functions of the products and to run projects development with efficiency.

Certified IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and 14001, our industrial facilities are dedicated to injection molding, metal cutting, stamping and machining, and moreover specialised into high cadence automated assembly or manual assembly for custom solutions. Overall, we design, manufacture and deliver on time more than 70 million products per year.

Relying on Parker Hannifin global footprint, Parker Legris can support its global customer all over the world.

Our History

Parker began with only two people, Arthur Parker and Carl Klamm at the beginning of the 20th century. The journey from that two-person enterprise to a technological tour de force contains staggering setbacks and achievements, but through it all one thing has guided the company: the entrepreneurial spirit of Art Parker. Art created a culture that combined family and fairness with innovation and determination.

To reinforce its pneumatic leadership, Parker Hannifin acquired in 2008 Legris® SA, an industrial family owned company specialized in connection solutions for compressed air circuits.


Legris®’ history started in 1863, when Ambroise Legris® bought a small brass-turning business and grew to become a producer of industrial taps and valves. In the 1970s, Legris® SA stepped up its development thanks to a major innovation: the instant fitting for compressed air circuits. Relying on quality, innovation and proximity, Legris® SA succeeded in becoming the global leader in pneumatic connection solutions.


The shared culture of Parker Hannifin and Legris® SA made the integration from 2008 a success for both companies. That competitive and compassionate culture is alive and well, and continues to reflect the example of its founders. A winning culture can only be achieved with passionate people and engaged leaders who treat valued customers with deep respect. This is how Parker Legris® and more largely all Parker Hannifin Divisions conduct business with integrity.


Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For more than 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets. Parker is moving the transportation industry with a never-ending line of new product releases, offering improved features and performance characteristics that are designed to deliver direct application benefits.


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