Hydraulic Valve Division

Hydraulic Valve Division - Power Generation

Power Generation

Parker is seeking to meet the demands of the increasing requirement for more energy. We are committed to supporting the development and maintenance of renewable energy sources and hydraulic power technology. Our valves support the capture and conversion of renewable energy sources.

Parker’s Hydraulic Valve Division offers valves that range in utilization in both wind and electrical power generation applications. These include applications such as windmill pitch control, hydraulic pitch control system for wind turbine and turbine rotor control. 

Parker’s proportional valves are specially designed for high response, open and closed loop control. Our valves range from D05-D10 sizes in multiple configuration options. Parker means solutions. Parker has a global distribution system with the ability to meet a wide range of industry certifications. 



D1FC / D3FC Series Direct Operated Proportional Electrohydraulic Control Valves with Position Feedback:


Parker’s D1FC and D3FC Series Control Valves provide the ultimate solution for precise pitch control for wind turbines. Our advanced direct operated proportional DC valves are specially designed for high response, closed loop controls. The D1FC (nominal size NG06) and D3FC (nominal size NG10) combine a highly compact footprint with digital electronic control technology to provide rapid response and flow rates. 

Electrohydraulic Motion Controls:


Parker offers hydraulic valves that enable and improve industrial and mobile machinery performance. We provide innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide, while partnering with customers to improve their productivity and profitability.