Providing Actuation Solutions to the Ag Industry

Parker offers cylinders utilized on implements to maximize yield of planting of seed or a rotary actuator that functions as the main torque generating device while at the same time serving as a load-bearing hinge.

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Parker Cylinder & Actuators Industries Served

Parker's Cylinder Division designs, develops and manufactures the largest and most complete selection of actuation in U.S.A. Our product breadth includes NFPA tie rod hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, as well as welded, telescopic, compact, electrohydraulic and custom hydraulic cylinders. Along with our extensive line of linear actuators, Parkers most recent acquisition of Helac extends our product offering to include industry leading helical hydraulic rotary actuators. With over 100 years of experience with industrial cylinders, which includes the development of the NFPA Tie-Rod cylinder, coupled with leading products of Taiyo America and the continued portfolio growth of Parker Helac rotary actuators, Parker Cylinder Division is well positioned to design and manufacture actuation for your application needs. 

Machine Tool

Machine uptime, increased productivity and response to market are key deliverables for the machine tool marketplace. The Parker Cylinder division is your resource to work with you engineer design team and specify the right hydraulic, pneumatic, electrohydraulic, electromechanical, custom or helical rotary actuator that is necessary to make the ideal system for machine tool application.


No other industry in the hydraulics market requires long lasting value against the stark focus of cost-saving solutions than the Agricultural Market. Parker offers hydraulic cylinders utilized on implements to maximize yield of planting seed or rotary actuators that function as the main torque generating device while at the same time serving as a load-bearing hinge. For the agricultural market, Parker Cylinder Division offers products and solutions that are innovative, simple and cost effective.

Oil & Gas

Minimal downtime, optimizing performance, sustainability, flexibility in design for the needed solution and availability of support worldwide are key deliverables for the oil and gas marketplace. With one of the strongest distribution networks in the world and over 100 years of designing and manufacturing actuator solutions, the Parker Cylinder division is a leading resource to the oil and gas market.


Worldwide demand for construction equipment continues to grow and the need of the construction industry rely on Parker for heavy-duty hydraulic rotary actuators, cylinders and PowerTilt tilting couplers that can withstand the abuse and severe conditions that are commonplace in this environment. The Cylinder Division is your resource for rugged and compact solutions that thrive in this demanding market segment.


The needs of the worldwide mining machinery market are unequaled in terms of high performance requirements, rugged-duty and severe operating conditions. Parker cylinders and hydraulic rotary actuators has a proven success record for over 50 years providing durable, rugged and extremely high-shock resistant solutions in the underground mining market. These solutions provide mining machinery OEM’s with unparalleled value and design flexibility that can only be sourced from Parker.

Dump Truck

Parker offers everything your truck needs with its Dump Truck System. The system includes the enhanced Single Acting Telescopic (SA) hydraulic cylinder, helping to improve productivity and reduce long-term costs.


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