Polymer Hose Division Europe within Parker Hannifin Corporation is the market leader in hose business in EMEA. With our products, our technologies and people we keep the world moving every day and around the clock.


Parker provides innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide and partners with customers to improve their productivity and profitability.

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About Us



In the past HPDE was focusing on rubber and PFDE on thermoplastic.

Polymer Hose Division Europe is the combined Division and works with both materials. 

The word Polymer in our name is the chemical umbrella term under which we summarize rubber and thermoplastic compounds.

This advantage forms us to be the technology leader of polymer hose compounds, hoses, fittings and crimping systems.

We keep the world moving every day and around the clock. 

Our Expertise

Whatever application you have we have the right solution

Polymer Hose Division Europe supplies premier customer service by focussing on customer needs and analysing the entire business environment in which our customers operate. 

Our expertise spans the core motion and control technologies, and we apply it to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people everywhere. Parker can be found on and around everything that moves!

We engineer and manufacture high quality hoses and hose fittings and crimping system to help our customers to achieve a higher level of profitability by considering 

• our customers’ needs and desires
• what hose and fitting technology our customers prefer
• how to advance customer’s brand loyalty

By working with us, you have access to an integrated network of global manufacturing plants as well as sales and services offices in 50 countries. 

Our Systems

Parker Push-Lok® hose line features the widest fluid compatibility, application and size range in the industry. The Push-Lok system is easy to use. No clamps or special tools are required during the installation and with Parker's exclusive color-coded system, you can inventory, maintain and identify your hose needs easily and efficiently. Push-Lok offers the range and versatility to meet all your low-pressure applications.

The Push-Lok System Video

Our Services

Parker® Tracking System - Fast. Easy. Exact. 

Increasing the speed, timing, and accuracy of your next service event.

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component-tagging and asset management solution offered by Parker and our business partners in over 62 countries worldwide. Today’s equipment and machines are more connected than ever before and harnessing this complex data is key to maximizing up-time. By focusing on critical-wear components, Parker drives new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability. 

Uptime is everything 

Record, manage and retrieve critical asset information with PTS. This innovative system provides fast and accurate product information, speeding replacement regardless of where or when the original component was created. Because tagged products can be replaced sight unseen,
PTS eliminates the need to wait for removal before new parts can be acquired. Reducing transaction time, means users can realize significant gains in productivity and equipment uptime.

Business System Integration

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) can be greatly enhanced by customizing PTS and integrating it into existing systems. With seamless data integration, Parker enables bi-directional transfer of critical data to maximize asset visibility and performance. For details on supported platforms and protocols, contact a member of our team.

Global Power, Local Reach

PTS works seamlessly around the world. Whether you sell, service or operate products and equipment in one city, one state or worldwide, PTS can be tailored to your needs. Equipment built in one country that is sold and serviced in another can use PTS to deliver accurate product details wherever and whenever they are needed. To support our global footprint, PTS offers translation in multiple languages. 


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