Challenging Conditions. Remote Locations

Parker is continuously looking for innovative ways of harvesting energy safely and efficiently.


Oil & Gas

Minimal downtime, optimizing performance, sustainability, flexibility in design for the needed solution and availability of support worldwide are key deliverables for the oil and gas marketplace. With one of the strongest distribution networks in the world and over 100 years of designing and  solutions, Parker is a leading resource to the oil and gas market. 

Factory Automation

Through our Automation group, integrated by technologies such as electromechanical, frequency drivers, speed drivers, pneumatics and IPS, Parker has developed a whole range of products focused in creating intelligent and autonomous systems for industrial applications that support a lower energy consumption and ensure a safer work environment to the operator.

Power Generation

Safe solutions for global demand: Increasing global energy needs are driving demand for reliable, cost-effective and smart solutions that provide uninterrupted service with minimal environmental impact. Parker’s engineering leadership and worldwide service and support network enable it to offer industry partners with conditioning monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for demand-responsive renewable and non-renewable energy applications.

Food & Beverage

Parker have partnered with beverage producers for over 50 years to improve the quality and taste of their beverages. As every process is different our application experts will work with you to develop a tailored solution to ensure your beverage is free from contamination. 

Construction and Minning

Based in the tough requirements on operation and demanded results, Parker aims to develop reliable and durable equipments that can resist hostile work and provide a heavy service, ranging from valves to motors, and with over 50 years in the market, Parker products, with flexible solutions for complex applications, have surpassed mining and construction machinery manufacturers expectations, which only Parker can achieve.

Off-Road Machinery

Displacement and operational development in challenging environmental conditions, always represent new defiances for mobile complexes, which sectors such as the agricultural or materials handling sectors employs in arduous operations day to day. This industry usually aims to achieve greater resource efficiency and cost optimization through reliable and resilient tools that can meet engineering applications appropriate to very detailed needs.

As a leader in product and service quality, as well as a long experience collaborating with this sector; Parker has developed a range of components created to provide absolute precision and safety in the operation, but always, aimed to achieve the greatest increase in terms of productivity.

Industrial Processing & Refinery

This industry employs processes that evoke extreme pressures, high temperatures, volatile and aggressive materials, in which the slightest error would mean serious problems that could cause irreparable damage to components or manufacturing machinery, ruin the production line and even, put in danger human lives.

Where the challenge is heaviest, Parker is present with a solution; basing its long experience in industrial development, Parker offers an unparalleled range of alternatives to achieve optimal process control and thus minimize the risk of adverse effects that may pose a threat, providing confidence and security to your workforce, plant and final product, closing the possibility of inaccuracies and making way for improvement.

On Road, Rail & Marine Transportation

Parker advances according to the pace of technology, and no matter how big the challenge, it is committed to promote the transportation progress worldwide, present in the production processes of cars, trucks, trains and even boats.

As a leader in control and movement technologies, Parker is involved with the transport sector manufacturers, providing solutions to the challenges it faces, and through fluid control applications, motion systems and filtration solutions, it offers alternatives aimed to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions in motor vehicles, achieve higher standards of quality and reliability on manufacturing, among many other needs of the sector.

Industrial Manufacturing

With a deep knowledge about the needs of the industry and a parallel development with the technology advance, Parker offers filtration, motion system, control, fluid handling and filtration solutions, for years, various solutions have been developed and continually improved by Parker, to increase productivity and decrease downtimes in the industry.

Through our technicians and engineers who are experts in the sector, we develop proposals that solves any challenge through flexible products that are adaptable to the needs of each of our clients; because where the challenge seems impossible, Parker always has a solution.


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