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Energy Grid Tie

Parker is an industry leading manufacturer of utility scale grid tie inverters used in energy storage power conversion systems.At Parker, we engineer solutions wherever there is a need for highly efficient power conversion, for a better way to harvest renewable energy, to improve grid stability, or to reduce transmission and distribution expenses.

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Energy Grid Tie Solution

  • Parker has solutions for a wide range of power conversion needs. From chassis style inverter racks designed to be integrated into a control room to packaged outdoor grade power conversion systems.  Parker grid tie inverters are used in numerous applications, and are configured and optimized for specific uses in solar, wind, and wave power, or as a complete energy storage power conversion system (PCS). In addition to high efficiency and proven reliability, these inverters offer some features unique to the industry, such as the two-phase evaporative cooling system.


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    Frequency regulation is one of the most popular applications for energy storage. Power utilities must strive to keep their output at a constant and accurate frequency. Periods of high demand can cause a slight droop in frequency, especially on systems of lower capacity. A properly sized energy storage system can compensate for the peak loading with a high energy discharge, with sub-cycle response time. 






    Efficient power conversion is an important part of any renewable energy generating facility. Whether the source is solar, wind, or wave, Parker has a grid tie inverter solution with all the right features for the specific renewable source. Harsh outdoor conditions with temperature extremes are not a problem, thanks to Parker's advanced cooling system. Using refrigerant in a two-phase evaporative system allows efficient operation and the ultimate in temperature control.






    Ramp rate control or capacity firming is an application of bulk energy storage, used to integrate renewable sources to the grid. The storage element, typically batteries, is used to "fill the gaps" that may occur in a wind or solar installation when output dips momentarily, thus making the renewable source more grid friendly. Another benefit of storage in wind power applications is the capability to absorb excess generated power when the grid is in a low demand state, where otherwise the output of the turbines would be dumped or curtailed. 


    Parker’s worldwide support network with over 13,000 global distribution outlets paired with our Win Strategy ensure that your satisfaction maintains the highest level of priority. As a global company with products sold to over 500,000 customers in 49 countries, Parker is ideally positioned to be your automation partner.

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