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Engineers and designers from every industry including aviation, telecommunications, medical devices, defense, commercial and consumer electronics choose Chomerics for its strong product portfolio, utilizing technology built on core competencies in material science and process technology.


Parker Chomerics delivers comprehensive, high-performance and high-reliability electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal interface, and injection molded plastic solutions for the automotive industry.

Engine management refers to an electrical system which receives signals from various sensors, makes calculations and sends output signals to carry out various functions and operations within and around the engine.

Parker Chomerics offers EMI and thermal solutions to your devices and systems that help keep a car under control and prevent an accident.

EV power train systems require specific EMI shielding to integrate combustion components with new electric components such as electric motors, power electronics and high voltage energy storage.

Vehicle infotainment systems are highly integrated, powerful systems that allow the driver to take control of their vehicles. See how Parker Chomerics' suite of integrated displays, EMI shielding and thermal management products are up to the task.


Learn about our custom engineered innovative products which provide advanced solutions for the most demanding military and military aerospace applications.

Discover Chomerics' solutions for thermal management and shielding and grounding of man-portable, vision systems, detection and handheld communications devices

We provide a wide variety of highly effective and reliable solutions that help weapons ensure reliability and exceptional performance.

Discover Chomerics' solutions for shielding and grounding of sensitive avionics and air system components such as control and display systems, power conversion, radar, and much more.

General Industrial/IoT

Chomerics provides integrated solutions and technical expertise to meet the rapidly increasing needs of design engineers.

Life Science

Discover our range of integrated assembly solutions for Life Science applications such as patient monitoring and diagnostic systems.

Advances in medical therapy devices such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are required to be small, low cost, and perform perfectly every time.

Rapid and continual advances in medical imaging and diagnostics have seen the increase in the quantity, complexity and diversity of EMI shielding and thermal needs for medical imaging devices.

Explore our EMI shielding and thermal management solutions for patient monitoring systems such as EKGs, glucose, blood pressure and remote patient monitoring.


Browse our advanced material solutions for telecom/IT, focusing on superior EMI shielding and thermal management.

The growth in cloud storage and mobile telecommunications has been dramatic and rapid in recent years. Technology associated with both handsets and infrastructure has evolved to meet the demand for high reliability systems that deliver ever-increasing levels of performance and functionality for both network providers and end users.

Parker Chomerics offers the products, technical know-how, close customer support and supply chain capabilities to meet these challenges and deliver superior, reliable and cost effective solutions. 


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