Parker is the leading provider of compressed air and gas treatment solutions in alternative fuel, bioenergy, food and beverage, industrial plant and equipment, life sciences, and oil and gas industries.


Competitive manufacturers focus on engineering excellence, productivity, quality, and reducing operating costs. A clean, dry, and reliable compressed air supply is critical to maintain efficient and cost effective production.
Leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, and health institutions around the world rely on Parker filtration equipment to operate analytical instrumentation, keep bulk chemical handling and processing equipment on line, and prevent hospital-acquired infections.
Parker Nitrogen generators are used in a variety of chemical processing applications and environments, including blanketing, process instrumentation, flue gas sampling and sample conditioning.
Nitrogen generators can be used in a myriad of power generation application environments, covering:
Clean and pure ingredients contribute to the quality of the end product, whether it's potato chips, pinot grigio, or beer. The result is higher yields, fresher products, and more satisfied customers. Parker has a dedicated range of filtration products for use in food and beverage production.
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) fuels are the leading alternatives to traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel, which are used in the majority of motor vehicles worldwide.Parker offers ultra-fine filtration solutions, designed to accommodate the pressures required by these gases. Parker filters protect critical engine components in vehicles powered by alternative fuels.
To keep the pipeline full, Parker filters keep production equipment operating efficiently during upstream extraction phases and protect product purity as oil and gas pass through the midstream and downstream phases of product transport and distribution.



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