Parker's advanced air filtration systems for agriculture are helping farmers prevent airborne viruses from entering their livestock facilities, preventing catastrophic damage to their animal population, production, and bottom line.

Parker HVAC knows that there is more to filtration than just making filters. Understanding the application and environment where the filters will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Whether these requirements are generated by day-to-day conditions, business needs or outside regulations or requirements, they all must be considered when selecting filters. With this philosophy always in mind, Parker manufacturers the broadest line of filtration products in the industry so users can select the filters that best meet their needs.


Agriculture is one of the fastest growing markets. Specifically, swine farming. They have adopted air filtration as a primary means of reducing aerosol transmission of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, swine influenza, PED, (Mhyo) and the more recent threat, African swine fever. University research and testing on farms proves that using partial and 100% filtered swine housings decreases the probability of outbreaks. Pur Ag and SlimBox filters are the ideal solution.


Parker’s standard HVAC and gas phase filters protect passengers and employees from unhealthy and potentially dangerous levels of VOCs, hydrocarbons, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Our ASHRAE grade HVAC filters remove particulates from the airstream while the gas phase – or activated carbon – filters remove the jet fumes and diesel odors that are drawn in from the heavily polluted outside supply air. Our filters meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards and EN 13779:2007.


Air filtration in all manufacturing applications is critical, but the magnitude and importance of it in the automobile and surface finishing industries surpasses most others. Parker HVAC offers proven process protection to OEMs and tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 suppliers. Paint spray booth facilities require a cleaner process and atmosphere than many other applications. Parker’s ATI products surpass filter requirements for both air intake and overspray in these booths, ensuring operator safety.


Parker HVAC provides solutions for Sub-HEPA, HEPA, and ULPA filtration applications. From ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 9 cleanrooms, we manufacture filters for all possible classifications of a cleanroom facility including laminar flow equipment. Our ample portfolio of products includes 99.99% HEPA, 95% DOP and activated carbon filters, and high performing pre- and secondary filters, and ducted ceiling mounted filters to exceed the needs of any cleanroom ventilation system.

Commercial & Retail Buildings

The average person spends 90% of their time indoors. Parker can improve air quality and meet any commercial filtration challenge with our range of products, many of which are LEED certified and can contribute to earning tax rebates on energy use. Our complete line of HVAC filters from low efficiency disposable to high efficiency, anti-microbial filters, can be found in any climate across the globe.

Event Venues

Complex ventilation systems require the right filters in place to ensure occupants are breathing clean air and unaware of any atmospheric discomfort. From schools and convention centers to sports arenas, churches, and more, Parker HVAC manufactures filters for every applications in this segment. Our portfolio of products has given us the opportunity to improve air quality and provide clean air solutions.

Food & Beverage

Air filtration in beverage and food processing industry is one of the most important applications.. Parker HVAC filters keep the plant’s air clean, comfortable, and contaminant free. Our products feature anti-microbial treated media and corrosion resistant frames to ensure there is no filter breakdown that could lead to bacteria growth or leakage. Our food and beverage processing customers make products ranging from snacks, candy bars, frozen, beverages, and canned foods.

Government Facilities

Parker HVAC works with Interface, Inc. to serve the federal government. When it comes to the air filtration of government facilities – ranging from indoor gun ranges, office buildings, cleanrooms, and hospitals, to name a few – Parker HVAC manufactures filters that can handle any challenge.

Gun Ranges

Air filtration in indoor gun ranges is critical. The amount of lead released in the air is OSHA-regulated. From pre-filters, carbon filters, secondary filters, and HEPA filters, Parker offers extremely low, pressure drop and high dust holding capacity solutions. For years, we have supplied filters to some of the largest municipal and private gun ranges in the country. Look to Parker for the best clean air filtration solutions for patrons and the environment.

Healthcare / Hospitals

Parker HVAC manufactures air filters for all healthcare applications, ensuring that infectious bacteria, pollen grains, dust, and fungal spores do not contaminate the air supply. From surgical suites, laboratories, to patient rooms, our filtration products protect people and equipment from airborne bacteria, dust and contaminants. Parker offers, E-Pleat® technology and N-Fuse treated media in box style and ducted ceiling mounted filters.

Manufacturing Solutions

Parker HVAC offers the most comprehensive line of filtration products industry. From pre-, secondary, activated carbon, to high efficiency and HEPA/ULPA filters, we have every application covered. Our clients include world-renowned automobile manufacturers, pulp and paper mills, food processing plants, original equipment manufacturers, and many more.


For particle filtration, Parker HVAC manufactures Sub-HEPA, HEPA and ULPA filters to the required specifications. Because gas molecules are not collected by even the most effective ULPA filters, gas phase filters are necessary to prevent airborne molecular contamination (AMC). Parker manufactures heavy-duty activated carbon filters to eliminate unwanted airborne molecular contamination, many of which are LEED certified and can contribute to earning tax rebates on energy use.

Museums, Archives, Libraries

While no filtration solution for institutions are the same, Parker HVAC provides particulate filters to meet any challenge. Artifacts, books, valuable artwork, documents and historical assets that are stored in museums, archives and libraries, require protection from sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone. Parker HVAC produces activated carbon filters blended with potassium permanganate, pre- and HEPA filters that provides peace-of-mind and protection.

Odor Control

For some commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, airplanes, and apartment complexes, among other structures, it is extremely important to maintain an odor-free environment so the occupants are comfortable. Parker’s extensive range of gas phase filters include activated carbon pleated filters, chemically enhanced carbon pleated filters, high capacity gas phase adsorbers, and ultra-high capacity gas phase adsorbers, remove unpleasant odors, providing better indoor air quality.

Paint Booths

Few industrial applications that require a cleaner process and atmosphere than paint spray booth facilities. Parker HVAC manufactures intake pre-filters and high efficiency filters remove otherwise damaging particulate from the process and our overspray filters remove any paint mist that is hazardous to the health of workers, the manufacturing processes, and the external environment when exhausted.


Parker HVAC can provide all the necessary filters to meet the strict regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. From low efficiency pre-filters, high efficiency secondary filters, and final HEPA or ULPA filters, all available for high temperature applications or with anti-microbial treatment. We manufacture HEPA and ULPA on demand, customized for the specs given by the client. Each filter is individually tested at rated flow before shipping out to the client.

Schools & Universities

Providing indoor air quality for educational facilities is essential for a healthy learning environment. Improving air quality also helps occupants with allergies and asthma. Parker HVAC provides particulate and gaseous filtration solutions for a wide-range of indoor environments, including but not limited to classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, dark rooms, gymnasiums, and cafeterias, all of which have different air quality standards and individual challenges.


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