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Parker brings the strength of 4,000 engineers globally, solving customer's flow assurance problems and developing solutions for the most complex process control applications.

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Instrumentation Products Division

The Instrumentation Products Division provides highly engineered pressure and temperature process control instrumentation and systems. These range from compression tube fittings, cone and thread fittings, needle valves, ball valves, compact stream switching valves to modular process to instrument valve packages. These items are all developed and manufactured to increase our customer's up-time, maintain safety, improve production and quality control. Parker is equally committed with assisting our customers in decreasing their downtime, labor and maintenance costs. Our Instrumentation products are designed  and developed with our customer's application requirements in mind. Parker is working closely with our customers in new opportunities and the various associated solutions to those instrumentation application issues.  

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A Focus On Innovation

Parker's instrumentation products brand is built on a unique development-to-manufacturing strategy known as 'Winovation'. This provides a framework and methodology that focuses on continually developing process instrumentation systems and engineering solutions that deliver differentiated 'new to world', or 'new to market' value to users.

This is particularly valuable in the process instrumentation sector, which has so many product types that are steeped in tradition - some of which have changed little in 100 years. Parker's Winovation strategy has revolutionized many of these product categories by applying materials science and proprietary design features to achieve gains such as reduced potential leak paths, extreme corrosion resistance, and close-coupled process-to-instrument interfaces.

Winovation drive's Parker's innovation focus by providing a standardized process with defined steps or 'stage gates', and metrics. It adds a rigour to the process that is as radical a force in accelerating the research and development phases of Parker's work, as lean principles are to manufacturing and supply efficiency.

While Winovation fuels the development of innovative new products, Parker augments this approach with the ongoing acquisition of complementary products and manufacturing capabilities.  This has resulted in the most comprehensive instrumentation product range in the world today. With our continually expanding product portfolio, it is no surprise that we are increasing our market share in our key markets. 

Parker Instrumentation Core Values

We have dedicated ourselves to engineering excellence by developing truly innovative process control products that are safer in installation, operation and manufacture; for people, and for the environment. To us and many of our clients, safety, reliability and integrity are critical selection factors. The safe choice means that we provide instrumentation products and services that have safety built into their designs. Below you will find the key elements which make up our Values.

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