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Tasteful food and no waste of energy

Gas Cooler and Flash Gas Bypass valves for CO2 applications to optimize efficiency and energy consumption.

Refrigeration Air Conditioning Europe BU

RACE business unit is focused in offering a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning components that cover a large number of refrigeration applications. Approximately 7,000 products are grouped into 20 different technological families including: mechanical and electrical expansion valves, solenoid valves, filter driers, liquid indicators, electronic controllers, ball valves, chemicals and lubricants and a range of copper products.

Key markets, where RACE is point of reference, include commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and smart solutions. The products are supported by a commercial presence throughout the EMEA area, global manufacturing facilities and a strategic logistics center located in Germany serving the entire EMEA region.

We promise high innovation technologies with low energy consumption, responsible engineering and sustainable growth.


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