Industrial Manufacturing

Parker leverages decades of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical expertise to supply machine manufacturers and other industrial customers with integrated and hybrid solutions optimized to the application at hand, rather than constrained by the limitations of a single technology.

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Whatever the motion and control need, Parker has the experience, an industry leading breadth of product and an unrivalled global distribution to constantly deliver. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or have a need for maintenance, repair and overhaul you can be sure of premier service through more than 280 Parker locations and 12,000 distributor outlets around the world.

OFF-ROAD MACHINERY - Customers in construction, mining, agriculture and forestry face vastly different challenges, but also share common needs such as ensuring worker safety, meeting demand, improving productivity and profitability, and complying with environmental regulations. Parker addresses these through innovative engineering, products designed to perform in the most rugged conditions, and mobile repair centers for remote locations.
TRANSPORTATION - From cars and trucks to boats, trains and planes, Parker is helping manufacturers enhance the operator’s experience and reduce fuel consumption and emissions in traditional vehicles. Parker is also contributing to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources. Parker’s technology and global presence advance transportation worldwide by enabling agile development of more efficient, safe solutions that meet the highest standards for reliability
POWER GENERATION - Increasing global energy needs are driving demand for reliable, cost-effective and smart solutions that provide uninterrupted service with minimal environmental impact. Parker’s engineering leadership and worldwide service and support network enable it to offer industry partners with conditioning monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for demand-responsive renewable and non-renewable energy applications.
OIL & GAS - Unpredictable conditions, stringent government regulation, and an evolving market environment are challenges faced by the oil & gas industry. Parker leverages its core technology and application expertise to address its customers’ most complex issues and partners with them from concept to final product to provide solutions that surpass industry standards and performance expectations.
INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT - Manufacturing equipment designers for the automotive, food and beverage, metals and rubber and plastics industries rely on Parker’s highly-engineered pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical solutions to meet the difficult predictability, repeatability, power density and precision-control challenges typical of industrial applications and environments.
HEALTHCARE AND LIFE SCIENCES - From partnering with customers to develop laboratory instruments that diagnose faster and more accurately, to designing medical devices that enable healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. Parker is applying its technologies and engineering expertise to help make a difference in people’s lives.
ELECTRONICS & SEMICONDUCTOR - Faced with stringent manufacturing standards and ever-rising customer requirements, global semiconductor fabricators, consumer electronics makers and producers of embedded automotive and onboard aerospace equipment turn to Parker for state-of-the-art EMI shielding, heat-dissipation solutions and corrosive-resistant materials, instrumentation and fluid-conveyance systems.
INDUSTRIAL & CHEMICAL PROCESSING - Manufacturers everywhere count on Parker’s broad experience for monitoring systems and depend on its air, gas and fluid handling solutions to ensure safety and quality in industrial and chemical processing environments.
HVAC & REFRIGERATION - Parker offers commercial, automotive and residential air conditioning and refrigerant equipment manufacturers and technicians a wide selection of robust solutions for industrial, transport, food retail and similar environments where dependable, precision cooling is necessary. Its industry-standard, form-, fit- and function-qualified controls, controllers, filter-driers, valves and other systems and components are ideal for both OEM or field-replacement applications.


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