Parker Precision Fluidics provides complete solutions comprised of a broad range of components. From the laboratory and operating room to home health care, We have developed pneumatic and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, pressure and flow controllers.

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It’s our job to make the best products possible. We take on less work so we can do our best work. Recognized technology leader in precision fluidics solutions including enabling components & system solutions.


Parker Precision Fluidics is the premier global provider of innovative and valued fluidic components and system solutions. The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin is a leading supplier of miniature fluidic components and system solutions integral to the world’s life sciences, life safety and high technology markets. Our innovations allow people to get more out of life. Our product portfolio includes miniature pneumatic, proportional and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, thermal mass flow and electronic pressure controllers, high-precision regulators and rotameters. If you require the most efficient design, production and delivery of enabling technologies for medical devices, the answer is simple: Partner with Parker. Parker, provides complete solutions comprised of a broad range of components. From the laboratory and operating room to home health care, Parker develops application engineered pneumatic and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, pressure and flow controllers. A lot of times, we tackle the hard and challenging projects that others won’t dare to touch. We find joy in solving some of the biggest and baddest problems for our customers.


From the laboratory and operating room to home health care, Parker develops innovative solutions for health care success. With our application-engineered pneumatic and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, pressure controllers, and mass flow meters and controllers, Precision Fluidics Division enables technologies that improve lives.


Unrivaled Breadth of Valves (high performance to low cost), Pressures from Vacuum to 3000 psi with Low Leak (0.016 sccm), Repeatable Response Times, Long Life and PWM or Low Power Circuitry. We also offer Analytically Clean or Oxygen Service/Breathing Circuit. Easily Integratable (stand alone, PCB mount, manifold options).
Breadth of Product: No single company can offer a more complete product selection with integrating manufactured components and custom assemblies.
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Our enthusiastic and engaged team members partner with our customers to drive organic growth and unlock potential. Enabling our customers to improve lives through fluidic solutions.
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Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, and we recognize that the contributions of our employees serve as the foundation of our success. We’re a different kind of company with an approach to career development that’s as innovative as our engineering solutions. We are committed to providing our employees an empowered, results-oriented and values driven work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.
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Check out how some of our newest products can solve your fluidic challenges.

The C Series line of valves aims to offer cartridge style valves into the analytical, medical and life sciences markets. This family of valves offers high flow and pressure capabilities in a compact design to meet your OEM application needs.
Our new mass flow controller, X-Flow™ delivers fast, repeatable, and reliable high accuracy flow control through proven Constant Thermal By-Pass Mass Measurement Technology coupled with our most popular digital communication protocols.
The VSO® LowPro GC features miniaturized internal components and a supercharged magnetic circuit resulting in a fast-responding valve. This new platform is tuned for analytical flow and pressure requirements leading to extreme control in low flow ranges. At 50% the size and weight of comparable valves the VSO® LowPro GC also delivers improved leak rates, integrated filtration, low power and heat generation to reduce your sample nnoise and improve signal detection capabilities.
The R9 improves performance of analytical chemistry instruments requiring precision fluid control. At just 9 mm wide it can reduce the size of your multi channel sample preparation and delivery modules or it can be easily mounted over microplates to eliminate transfer lines, which improves performance. This new valve series will enable more efficient designs that reduce fluid usage and increase throughput.


Partner with us to redefine your next flow controller circuit with VSO® LowPro GC.

With experience in Point of Care Testing Devices and Molecular Diagnostics, Parker engineers are ready to work with you in developing your instrument.



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