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Focused Markets

Parker Hydraulic Valve Division has a variety of product and solutions to meet the needs of many markets including: Aerial Work Platform, Agriculture, Aircraft Ground Support, Amusement and Entertainment, Automotive, Construction, Die Casting, Factory Automation, Forestry, Industrial Balers and Compactors, Machine Tool, Marine, Material, Handling, Metal Forming, Mining, Oil & Gas, Plastic and Rubber Molding, Power Generation, Refuse, Salt and Sand, Truck

Fast Delivery of the Best Solutions

We specialize in quick response. We'll have your hydraulic valve solution designed, built, and delivered before our competitors fully understand your needs. Whether you work directly with us, or with one of our premier distributors, Parker promises to deliver your hydraulic valve or system where and when you need it.

Engineering Support

Parker Hydraulic Valve customers enjoy in-depth engineering support. Parker's unique and highly trained Hydraulic & Mobile Systems Engineers specialize in complex, hydraulic circuit design. Our field sales engineers work directly with customers to evaluate applications and provide the appropriate solution.

Hydraulic Technology Centers

Parker customers can also take advantage of our Hydraulic Technology Centers — distributors that design hydraulic valve systems from the ground up. These one-stop-shops offer advanced systems design and technology services such as diagnostics, troubleshooting, computer design, testing, and integrating electronic controls into systems. We support our customers directly or through Parker Hydraulic Technology Centers to deliver the most efficient hydraulic valve systems on time and within budget.

Total Systems from the Ground Up

Parker HVD's Value Proposition is second to none. In line with our corporate philosophy, HVD believes that it takes more than our great products, competitive prices, and on-time delivery to satisfy customer demands. It takes a commitment to provide exceptional value. At Parker HVD, value is not a commodity. Instead, it is the result of personal interaction and resources.

Our value-added services include:

Machine analysis and troubleshooting - Design-engineering assistance and support - Custom system and subsystem design - Custom component manufacturing - Component selection, assemblies and kits - Global support and service - ISO certification - 3-D manifold design for optimal economics - 3-D assembly drawings and documentation - Factory assembled, tested and backed by Parker Hydraulic Valve Division

Premier Customer Service

Parker is serious about every aspect of your experience. Our customer service programs are designed to get the right system or component to you at the right time -- Every time. However, it takes more than great products, competitive prices, and on-time delivery to satisfy our customer needs. Parker is also committed to adding value through: - System Design - Component Selection - New Product Development - Custom Component Manufacturing - Global Support and Service - ISO Certification

Tested and Certified

Parker hydraulic valves and manifold systems are fully tested before being released to the customer. Customers can be confident that Parker hydraulic valve products will work the first time, every time. In addition, Parker is fully committed to complying with international standards. Our valves comply with ISO, CSA, and CE standards, and we offer directional control and servovalves that are ATEX rated.

Focus on Innovation

At Parker, we're always looking for ways to make our valves better, or to design new solutions for customers. One of our most recent offerings, the DFplus valve, was designed to replace torque motor servovalves in high-performance machine applications. DFplus valves are more cost-effective and reliable than servos in applications such as blow molding and material testing.

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