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Hydrogen is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many businesses looking to reduce emissions. Parker's H2 range includes products suited to very high pressures and low temperatures, as well as EC79-compliant products and hydrogen service testing options.

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Hydrogen fuel cell technology is key to helping reduce emissions worldwide. Parker’s H2 range spans valves, filters, manifolds, fluid controls, high-pressure hoses, connectors and sealing solutions for all hydrogen applications. Our portfolio includes EC79-compliant products, options for hydrogen service testing and handling pressures to 1000 bar.

Parker's 2440P-04V32 hydrogen hose meets the demands of H2 refueling. High reliability, robust design and an extended life cycle combine with a tight bend radius. Fast refueling at -40 °C and maximum working pressure of 1035 bar. Factory made assemblies only, each assembly pressure tested with H2.

A-LOK® twin ferrule compression fittings achieve reliable, leak-free connections down to -253°C . Ideal for high-pressure, cryogenic, vacuum and vibration applications. IATF 16949 certified and (EC) No 79 approved for hydrogen service, they come in a range of sizes, materials and configurations.

Complete piping solutions - from expert advice and design through to manufacture, on-site installation, flushing and project management. Parker's expert service and innovative technology can help you achieve flexibility and minimize the total installed cost of piping projects.

Parker's Autoclave fittings are designed for chemical, research and petrochemical use. They are rated for working pressures to 20,000 psi (1379 bar) and operating temperatures from -423ºF (-252ºC ) to 1200ºF (649ºC). Cold-worked 316 stainless steel and special materials available.

The Ultrathan® O-ring is an excellent alternative to conventional rubber equivalents. Its robust seal profile is suited to the harshest operating conditions, offering extreme wear resistance. Compounds are available to suit specialist chemical processing.

Seal-Lok™ , also called O-Lok® is an O-ring face seal (ORFS) designed for use with critical H2 applications. Suitable for on-vehicle and infrastructure applications, this technology provides custom port options for 700 bar (10,000 psi). It also meets all requirements of EC79.

In H2 applications, filtration is key to meeting cleanliness levels. Parker’s filtration and gas preparation products purify water and remove compressor oils, hydrocarbons and moisture. This ensures the cleanest production of hydrogen and protects critical components.

Parker Autoclave Engineers needle valves are designed to operate safely and reliably to 20,000 psi (1379 bar). Metal-to-metal seating offers excellent corrosion resistance and temperature ranges. This valve range offers a leak-tight, reliable connection for gas and liquid service.

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