Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division

Engine combustion, lubrication, and thermal management systems

About Us

At Parker Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division, our fluid metering, delivery, and atomization devices aren’t the only things that are advanced. Our approach to program development is equally innovative.


From concept through completion, and beyond to lifetime support, we work jointly with our customers to achieve competitive advantages.


Our expertise in gaseous, liquid, or combined fuel application — with or without water or steam injection — helps us create meaningful differentiation through the development and use of cutting-edge technologies.


From the control of fluid placement and flow in the thermal environment — and the joining of materials — to how we introduce, deliver, and support our products, we are constantly seeking positive change.


By functioning as a business partner as well as a technical partner, Gas Turbine Fuel Systems is better able to understand issues at every level, and add value to both the process and the product.




Advanced nozzle technology


Our advanced nozzle technology has taken Gas Turbine Fuel Systems to the heart of the most powerful gas turbine engines in the world, fueling the difficult demands of aerospace, and powering industrial and commercial applications on both land and sea.


Patented Macrospray® technology:  Improved performance, lower cost for advanced cooling.


Macrospray® technology from Parker is a revolutionary new way to think about cooling applications and systems.


Proprietary macrolamination technology — where numerous layers are joined using advanced production methods to create a macrolaminate stack — not only simplifies cooling system design, it results in enhanced cooling performance at substantially reduced installation and life cycle costs.


Macrospray® also offers these benefits:


    • Single or complex nozzle arrays in variable configurations
    • Different cooling flow rates within the same device or system
    • Robust and reproducible designs due to digital tooling and chemical machining
    • Multiple cooling methods in the same system
    • Streamlined designs resulting in improved space utilization and lower costs


Power Generation: Better combustion for cleaner-burning engines


Gas Turbine Fuel System’s power generation technology offers you:


      • Aerospace engine experience that translates into higher sustained performance
      • Proven leadership in power generation fluid atomization technology
      • Innovative nozzle designs resulting in improved fuel flow, atomization, and placement
      • Lower installed and life-cycle costs for water injection applications such as turbine inlet air cooling using proprietary Macrospray® Spider and single-point nozzles and manifolds


After-hours aircraft on the ground (AOG) support: 1.949.851.4357



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