Factory Automation

The Parker Pneumatic Division offers a vast selection of products such as Cylinders, Control Valves, FRL’s and Vacuum products, each designed to withstand the environments and demands in the modern factory.

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Our Industries

Pneumatic systems are all around us. Parker Pneumatic Division plays a vital role those industries where air is used for daily operation. If you have a need for pneumatics, we have an array of products from valves and FRL's to cylinders and actuators. to complete your air line needs. Parker Pneumatic Division also has a wide range of offering for industrial and Ethernet networks. See below to learn more!

Factory Automation

When you hear the term “Factory Automation”, you probably think of many different applications. Parker’s Pneumatic Division products are uniquely suited for all types of factory automation applications ranging from packaging, fast moving consumer goods, material handling and heavy consumer durables. The pneumatic division offers a vast selection of products such as cylinders, valves, FRL’s and vacuum products to complete your factory automation requirements.


The automotive market is ever changing. From the late 1800’s to now, this market has seen an evolution in vehicle shapes, sizes and components. Parker’s pneumatic products are a perfect fit to completing all your automotive machinery requirements. Whether you’re an automotive machine builder, automotive tier 1 suppler or a car manufacturer, the Pneumatic Division product offering has what it takes to complete your pneumatic system.

Heavy Industrial

Product durability and long life are key value drivers for the harsh conditions within the Heavy Industries. From steel production, concrete, mining, and more; Parker Pneumatic Division offers the solutions to meet your heavy industrial requirements.


Parker Pneumatic offers the robust solutions to meet your transportation needs both on, and off, the road.


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