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Moisture/Ember Engine Air Separator

Protection from flying embers is extremely important for fire suppression equipment as well as the human life and property they in turn protect. Engine Mobile OE Division’s Moisture/Ember Separators (MES) shield the downstream engine air filter from embers using a combination of unique flat and crimped metal screens packaged in a heavy duty galvanized steel frame. This multi-layered screen design traps embers and allows them to burn out before passing through the pack, while creating minimal restriction to air flow.


Engine Mobile OE Division Moisture/Ember Separators are specifically designed to separate flying embers from entering the engine air intake and they meet NFPA Guidelines. When vehicles are in the vicinity of fires, flying embers pulled into the air stream may burn holes in the air filter, allowing dirt, sand, smoke and other particles to contaminate and eventually shut down the engine; often beyond repair. Even worse, a burning air filter may lead to a major vehicle fire.


Trapping and draining away large amounts of water entering by rain, mist, or by accident, is another feature of Racor Moisture/Ember Separators. It is important to stop water intrusion into the air inlet as it can damage cylinders and lead to engine seizure.


How They Work:
Moisture/Ember Separators are installed where engine air intake is exposed to flying embers and water intrusion. Embers are trapped in the special screen where they harmlessly burn out within the upper layers. Water drawn into the separator is coalesced into large drops that drop harmlessly out the bottom before reaching the engine air filter assembly.


Notes on Choosing and maintaining your Moisture/Ember Separator:
• Measure available space for separator for installation and selection reference
• Periodic cleaning or replacement of the screen is all that is required after installation
• For design considerations, the velocity through the ember separator should not exceed 1000 feet per minute (FPM) air flow
• Velocity, FPM = flow rate (cfm)/ember separator area (square feet)
• Separators are one inch thick


Benefits of Dynamic Engine Air Pre-Cleaners:
• Removes embers from engine air flow
• Also functions as a water and moisture separator
• Reduces down-time, prolongs engine, air filter, and turbocharger life
• High air flow, low air restriction design
• Low maintenance


Applications Include:
• All equipment with engine air intake filters used in fire suppression
• Fire trucks and auxiliary engine powered equipment


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