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Power Take-Off Solutions

With innovative solutions like Quiet Gear™ technology for Allision transmissions, Smart Start options for hydraulically shifted PTOs and Wet Spline output options for PTO and pump shaft lubrication to combat torsional vibration, Parker Chelsea is committed to quality solutions through advanced design, development, and manufacturing practices.

Patent pending hydraulic system transmission protection solution provides smooth engagement and prevents damaging shock loads where startup spikes can reach levels above a transmission’s torque limit. Protecting the PTO system and its clutch assembly, and also the transmission and driven equipment.

Parker Chelsea Power Take-Offs equipped with innovative Quiet Gear™ Technology dampen the torsional diesel engine rattle that can transfer to input gears. Quiet Gear™ Technology provides quiet solutions for Allison World Transmissions as a "QT" input option.

Chelsea’s Wet Spline output option for direct mount pump flanges eliminates fretting and corrosion between mating shafts. Instead of quarterly maintenance requiring cleaning and re-greasing, the PTO and pump shafts are provided a constant flow of clean fresh oil.


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