Hose for Agriculture Applications

Whether spray-treating fields, power-washing mats or powering hydraulic or pneumatic accessories, Parker has the hose required for tough-duty agricultural applications.


Heavy equipment places harsh demands on hose components. Parker's GlobalCore family of hoses provides one simple solution to endure the tough conditions where work gets done.
Parker’s E-Z Form GS Engine Coolant Hose is engineered for coolant systems, drain lines and vacuum service. The extremely flexible, kink-resistant hose retains full suction, eliminating the need for costly preformed hoses and effectively reducing installation time.
Parker’s PURE™ food grade hoses enable the clean and safe transfer of a wide variety of foods, beverages, sanitary materials, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Our products are available in a wide range of constructions and also offer multiple color, pressure, size, and temperature capabilities to meet customer needs.
PURE Food Hose

Our Industries

Parker is the leading hose manufacturer of hydraulic and industrial transfer hose, fittings, tubing, and accessories that provide unique solutions for a wide variety of hose applications, markets, and industries. Our customers appreciate the intrinsic value of our products and the equipment and application expertise of our employees. Learn more about how our hydraulic and industrial hose products and assemblies address applications in various industries.

Agriculture: The leader in product quality and service regardless of size or pressure requirements, Parker supplies a full line of industrial and hydraulic hose and tubing solutions for the agriculture market with unmatched weathering, ozone, and abrasion resistance, as well as the industry’s tightest overall bend radius for equipment including tractors, combines, harvesters, poultry hose machinery and field sprayers.
Construction: Heavy equipment and construction vehicles such as excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, and wheel loaders, rely on fluids to be transferred efficiently and effectively. To meet the ever increasing demands of construction equipment, Parker manufactures its hydraulic and industrial hoses to strict specifications and standards such as SAE, EN, DIN and ISO, which guarantees customers the consistent performance needed to withstand tough conditions anywhere in the world.
Engine Coolant: Parker offers an innovative type of flexible hose that eliminates the need to pre-order costly molded hoses specifically curved at the factory to fit specific applications. Parker’s E-Z Form hose can be twisted and turned as needed during the installation process, eliminating the need for dedicated inventory while reducing installation time.
Entertainment: Hydraulic equipment is an integral part of theme parks and other entertainment attractions. While theme parks are fun and entertaining for those enjoying the rides, reliability, maintenance and safety concerns are a high priority for theme park operators. This complex machinery requires precision and smooth operation to ensure the safety of customers. Parker Hose Products offer a wide range of hydraulic hose, fittings and crimping equipment for the entertainment industry.
Food & Beverage: Parker hoses and tubing meet FDA and a variety of government and industry standards to cleanly and safely transfer a wide variety of foods, beverages and sanitary materials. Parker industrial hose and tubing are high quality products that meet industry and governmental sanitary standards. No matter what is on the menu — Parker provides a complete package of industrial hose and tubing to satisfy all food and beverage appetites.
Marine: Whether moving cargo port-to-port or cruising across the bay, vessels large and small depend on Parker industrial hose to deliver reliable onboard service and high performance. Once the vessels return to dock or port, many facilities use industrial hose for MRO work. Parker offers many electrical products and solutions for marine vessels.
Material Handling: Parker’s unmatched selection of durable hoses and equipment makes selecting the right hydraulic solution for your material-handling application easy. From high-pressure braided hose to spiral hydraulic hose, Parker provides a variety of innovative hose solutions for transport equipment, positioning equipment, unit load formation equipment, storage equipment and heavy lifting equipment typically used within the material handling industry.
Mining: When wasted seconds mean wasted money, you need to power your mining operations with equipment you can count on. Parker’s complete line of industrial hose ensure your mine can keep up with demand. Parker’s hoses not only dramatically improve uptime, they also come backed by services designed to help you reduce inventory expenses, get replacement parts faster, and improve safety.
Municipal: Taxes pay for many important public services provided by state and local governments. Parker industrial hose supports the common good by providing exceptional performance and long service life to keep equipment humming and people working. From state highway improvement projects to the upkeep of local parks, Parker industrial hose enables the smooth and efficient upkeep of the infrastructure, allowing the public to achieve the best value for its investment.
Oil and Gas: Parker’s hydraulic hose assemblies are designed and engineered to withstand high heat and pressures, providing unparalleled reliability, safety and service life in demanding offshore and onshore upstream oil and gas applications as well as midstream/transfer applications. Parker offers a wide array of hydraulic hose solutions for the oil and gas industry including specialty hoses used for cement and blow off preventer (BOP) applications.
OEM: In a constantly changing business environment, not all applications are created equal. Specific OEM applications require specific hoses. For example, your application may require easier installation, a globally available product, or high impulse life among other critical features. No matter what the OEM application, Parker is prepared to meet the demands of your business with our OEM solutions and equipment.
Production and Manufacturing: With Parker's hydraulic hose solutions, your production or manufacturing plant will improve facility reliability with optimized uptime and reduced operating costs. Furthermore, Parker's Hose Products Division can promise premier customer service, high quality manufacturing standards, and a culture of continuous improvement so you remain competitive in the marketplace and achieve growth objectives.
Refuse and Waste: With the largest selection of hose and fittings, Parker has exactly what you need whether you are looking for higher temperature hose assemblies, increased operating pressures, longer impulse life or maximum abrasion resistance. Hose Products Division prides itself on delivering exceptional quality and reliability when it comes to hydraulic hose for the waste collection and disposal market.
Thermal Management: As equipment thermal management requirements evolve, Parker’s Hose Products Division continues to meet those connection demands to cool energy sources and components for an optimal performance. Our customers have grown accustomed to Parker leading the world in fluid power and conveyance, and our thermal cooling product offering follows our tradition of excellence by offering a comprehensive solution strategy.
Transportation: Engineered with the demands of the transportation industry in mind, Parker’s wide range of hydraulic hoses and tubing for medium- and heavy-duty applications in trucks, buses, engines, and chassis are designed to provide the reliable and quality performance needed to get the job done.

Parker's E-Z Form hose is the most flexible route from application to installation.

GlobalCore is the world's first high-performance, cohesive hose and fitting system. Providing one simple solution of robust hydraulic hoses designed to endure the tough conditions where work gets done.


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