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Sustainable and clean energy is now an essential need for humanity. Preserving the Earth’s finite fossil resource while still generating enough electricity to support economic growth is a primary concern for many European countries. As European countries are turning to renewable sources for their electricity supply, the European energy supply grid faces huge stability challenges.
Parker’s Electromechanical and Drives Division (EME) has gained extensive experience in the energy storage market, resulting in a broad offering of technology solutions to suit a wide range of battery energy storage applications. Our global manufacturing network means that Parker can supply you with anything from a single grid inverter to a complete battery energy storage system, perfectly suited to the requirements of your application.
To date, more than 150MW of battery storage solutions have been commissioned in the world.
Typical Applications

  •          Supplying Ancillary Grid Services
  •          Overcoming Capacity Constraints
  •          Optimising Off-Grid Islanded Network Efficiency
  •          Infrastructure Deferral within Distribution Networks
  •          Reducing Operational and Capex Cost

Energy Products and Solutions

  •          Grid-Tie Inverters
  •          Containerised Battery Storage Solutions
  •          Energy Management Systems

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