Leak-Free Hydraulic Fitting & Hose Adapters

Parker leads the way in solutions for leak-free connections and longest-lasting fitting performance. We offer premier customer service and on-time delivery, ensuring your systems run efficiently, your customers are highly satisfied and your business can achieve its growth objectives.

RSU and Custom Fittings & Products

Parker's Rapid Service Unit

Requirements are always different. So why work your designs around parts somebody else designed, just because that’s what’s readily available? Parker Tube Fittings Division can transform your unique concept into a finished part. That’s right. We manufacture custom fittings and adapters to your specifications, drawings or world standards – whether you need thousands or just that one-of-a-kind.

When you don’t have time for typical order cycles of nonstandard or standard fittings, the Parker Rapid Service Unit (RSU) designs, produces and delivers hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and adapters that meet your urgent deadline. Part of Custom Manufacturing, RSU ensures your critical part is in your hands in as little as 24, 42 or 78 hours to minimize downtime.

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings and Hose Adapters

Tube Fittings and Adapters from Parker

Parker's diverse hydraulic tube fitting fitting and hose adapter product line ensures reliable, leak-free connections that meet industry standards. Our vast product line includes o-ring face seal (ORFS), 37° flare fittings, inch and metric flareless fittings, as well as pipe fittings and port adapters. We also offer JIS fittings, 4-bolt hydraulic flange connections, diagnostic, orifice, and screen fittings, and bleed adapters.

Our exclusive Parker enhancements increase component lifespan and improve ease of use. With ToughShield™ Plus, our standard plating for steel fittings and adapters, customer get unmatched corrosion protection at no additional cost. Parker's Robust Port Stud SAE adjustable connector allows for remarkably easier assembly in the field as well as virtually eliminates the potential for backup washer damage that can lead to leaks. And, the patented trapezoidal shaped seal, Trap-Seal, for o-ring face seal connections dramatically improves seal retention.

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Parker FittingFinder App

Parker FittingFinder App

Fast, effective and always up-to-date, the Parker FittingFinder app helps you to identify the part numbers for the hydraulic fittings and adapters you need. Providing dimensional information, along with CAD models, you can quickly verify, design, find a local Parker distributor, and move forward! The app also includes a Competitive Interchange where you can search a comprehensive database to find equivalent Parker part numbers – in seconds.

Developed for field maintenance and design engineers alike, the new Parker FittingFinder app is the ultimate interactive resource for all tube fitting leak-free solutions. Available for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, as well as a robust web app providing complete part number dimensional information. Easily identify what you need in seconds, so you can get create your leak-free fitting connections faster.

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Tube Fabrication Equipment & Tooling

Tube Fabrication Equipment and Tooling

Parker offers an extensive line of state-of-the-art tube fabrication equipment and tools for making high-quality, leak-free tube connections in your systems. Our equipment is portable and rugged making it suitable for in-shop or on-site tube line fabrication. We have hand, crank, and hydraulic benders for inch and metric tube, and pipe; flange connections equipment for inch or metric o-ring face seal fittings; several flaring machines for both inch and metric tube; and presetting tools and equipment for both inch and metric fittings. We also offer tube end prep equipment for cutting and deburring, as well as thread ID tools, and thread tapping and counterboring tools.

Look to Parker's extensive line of tube fabrication equipment for all of your bending, deburring, flanging, flaring, pre-setting needs, and tube end prep needs.

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TFD ToolSpec App

TFD ToolSpec App

Quick and easy-to-use, Parker's ToolSpec web app ensures that you have the correct tube fabrication equipment and tools to keep your operation running smoothly. Whether you need equipment to cut, deburr, bend, flare, flange, or preset your tube, you will be able to easily find what you need. Simply select one of six standard operations, enter your basic information about your tube or pipe size and let Parker ToolSpec find exactly what you need.

In addition to providing the part numbers for the tube fabrication equipment and tooling you need to do your job, you will also find links to the equipment manuals featuring step-by-step instructions on how to use the equipment and tooling, as well as operational videos on some of the equipment.

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Tube Fabrication Equipment Resources

Tube Fabrication Equipment Resources from Parker Tube Fittings Division

Need to learn how to operate your Tube Fittings Division tube fabrication equipment? The Tube Fabrication Equipment Resources website has instructional operational videos for the Parflange 1025, ECO 25 and Pro 50 flaring and flanging machines, the 400 series Exactol crank tube benders, the hydraulic tube bender HB632, the Hydra-Tool flaring and presetting tool, and the Hyferset presenting tool.

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Tube Fabrication Equipment Rental Program

Tube Fabrication Equipment Rental Program from Parker TFD

When a short-term project or prototype requires fabricating tube assemblies, it doesn’t always make sense to purchase the equipment and tooling. With flexible rental times, a large inventory of equipment and individual tooling, "try before you buy" options, and emergency shipping, the Parker Tube Fabrication Rental program can help you increase your profitability and complete those short-term projects and prototypes.

Chose from our extensive line of rugged, portable equipment which includes: benders for inch and metric tube, and pipe, flanging, flaring and preset equipment for inch and metric tube, as well as tube end prep tooling. The tube fabrication equipment rental program is available through your local Parker distributor.

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techConnect - Written for engineers by engineers

Technical information, assembly hints, and concise help on hydraulic fittings and adapters can be difficult to find in one place. Parker Tube Fittings Division's techConnect blog has articles written by engineers that are focused on helping those in the industry better understand this information simply and quickly. Topics such as thread identification, sizing tube for hydraulic system efficiency, recommendations on reassembling fittings, tips for routing and clamping tube lines, as well as fitting assembly instructions and videos are all found on TFD techConnect.

Make techConnect your go-to fittings and adapter resource.

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